Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Greely's story: A maze full of traps

Chapter five
Greely's ears pricked up. He could sense there wasn't something right. He could smell a familiar burnt scent.
"WATCH OUT!" Screamed Greely, he threw himself onto Snowflake as a phantom watcher's ray shot past them.
"Wow um thanks. .  " Snowflake said.
"You where right, Greely replied, "There ARE traps in here.  . Who knows how many there are?"
"I hope not much." Snowflake said grimly. 
"Just keep watch for ropes tied across the floor, it would be dumb to fall for the old "water in a bucket" trick.
"What if there are invisible ropes?" said Greely.
"Yeah right, as if THAT'S gonna hap-AUUGH!"
"Snowflake!" Greely shouted as the she-wolf squirmed helplessly in the phantom goop.
"Greely, grab my paw and pull!"
Greey grabbled Snowflake's paw, but it was useless. Greely fell straight into the goop.
They where starting to feel dizzy, Snowflake closed her eyes slowly.

But just then, Greely felt a sharp talon grab his paw, hurling both Snowflake and him out of the purple, slimy goo.
Greely looked up, still feeling light-headed. The talon had belonged to an eagle - he was pure black with an icy blue eye - the other was red and had a scar over it. No pupil, just red.

Snowflake opened her eyes.
Greely glared at the eagle - although he looked menacing he might not be, but he was still scared.
"W-who. . Who a-are you?" He stammered.

"Don't worry." The eagle begun. "I am a friend."

More of chapter five coming tomorrow!


  1. Hmm I wonder who the eagle really is? The future Eagle Alpha? I dunno. I've read all the chapters so far in this Greely story of yours, and I love it! :)

  2. Yay! an eagle!!! are these the alphas of the other animals?


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