Saturday, 12 July 2014

Diamond Tiara & other stuff

Hiya jammers!  ^.^
The new item is the Diamond Tiara. :3
Much better than the diamond crown. c:
The crown was a bit too bulky, But it was still pretty cool. :3
I wish these came in a different color. I was really hoping to get a golden one. >.<
Speaking of tiaras, the royal tiara seems to have left epic wonders! D:
I guess it was on clearance. I really liked it though. :c
Oh well, the Diamond Tiara is pretty similar. You know, i think a diamond cape would be pretty cool. ^o^
Anywho, you know this thing AJHQ used to do called the Costume Corner?
Well you know, i kinda want AJHQ to do more. :c
I think a one for rhinos would be really useful. Or maybe . . uh, pandas?
I hope AJHQ remembers about these soon and hopefully posts more cool costume ideas! ^o^
Soo there isn't really anything else new, so the wrap it up here's the Mystery of The Post!
Where did all this treasure in Kani Cove come from? 
Was it stolen by the phantoms, or something else happened? Share an idea or  story in the comment section! c:
Bye! ^-^


  1. Me and you, Cloudclaws. I remember the Costume Corner. Wasn't that the "Angel Giraffe"? Wait! It's the "Mythical Giraffe"! I hope there's still the Costume Corner, but I also like AJHQ's videos.

  2. I think the treasure is there from Sunken Treasures and it fell out


  3. I think the treasure fell from the sunken treasures ship (as coolpapa said). And the ship belonged to some kinda Npc that will come into the underwater adventures eventually.


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