Thursday, 24 July 2014

Candy necklace & Grill

Hiya jammers! ^.^
The new item is the Grill which is sold in Jam-Mart Furniture. :3
Purrfect for summer! ^o^
I have noticed AJHQ is coming up with lots of green items lately . . Green Terrance chairs, terrace tables, etc. C:
I guess mainly because everything's green in summer. :P
And if you buy the grill - when you click it . . .
Delicious grilled food. :3
Anywho, i have noticed a new item in Jam-Mart clothing, kinda just randomly appeared without any "New" sign. :P
However, it's a great way to celebrate winter for Southern Hemisphere! ^o^
Still a bit odd though since people in Southern Hemisphere don't celebrate Christmas in July. o.O
It looks cute and is nonmember though. :3
On the other hand, the winner for the new item contest is revealed! :D
It's odd how AJHQ doesn't write their actual usernames - there could be thousands of jammers called Pouncing Fieryspirit on AJ and i just feel like they aren't receiving full credit.
I understand it's for privacy reasons, but still . . . 
To wrap it up, here's the question of the post! :3
What do you think so far about the beta party?
Have you noticed small, fun features? 
What fun new items do you think will be coming there soon?
Bye guys! Remember to play wild! ^o^
P.S I'll be starting mailtime very soon!
P.P.S Be sure to enter my contest! Time is running out - entries due August the 1st!
P.P.P.S Noticed anything different or found a fun new glitch? Then feel free to email about it!


  1. I like the party because it brings back old memories and it's like the beta days are back... But it's not very fun.... I wish u could buy betas tho

  2. Beta party is BORING! NO music and it's just plain boring!

  3. My rating for the beta party
    Shopping: 2/5 (the items are okay)
    Setting: 5/5 (i love the yard with a swimming puddle)
    over all, it is okay,
    p.s i think a new item in the beta party is gonna be a panda banner

  4. greencardinals24 July 2014 at 13:42

    new code for 1 diamond -> twelve

    1. Thanks for letting me know!
      The AJ code is safe - i checked.

  5. I think the beta party is great - i don't really care if there's no music it brings back old memories. :)


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