Thursday, 31 July 2014

Tiki Umbrella Table & other stuff

Hiya jammers! ^.^
The new item is the Tiki Umbrella Table sold in Jam-mart furniture. c:
Better than the terrace table. ^.^
It's cool how there are three different choices - wood, straw and bamboo. c:
And it also looks awesome in the waterpark den! :D
But since the terrace table is member, this at least should have been nonmember . . *sigh*
But i guess we just had a nonmember item recently, soo . . . sorta fair, i guess.
On the other hand, i went to the adventure base camp an the underwater entrance seems to have been updated!
 One word: Awesome.
those corals are so colorful . . i also saw some tiny islands scattered across! ^.^
It would be cool if there where mini adventures on the islands. :P
With mini portals . . x3
Actually, there could be just small, short adventures just for leveling up or finding treasures. c:
Anyway, i found more images of the otter!
*spoiler alert*
Animal Jam - Otter2 by cold0428
Adorable! ^-^
I think it's their play or something . . hopefully next week these pawsome animals will come out! :D
And here's one underwater . . 
Animal Jam - Otter3 by cold0428
bawwww <3
Otters are just so adorable . . ^-^
What do you think?
To wrap it up, here's the DE post! :3
Aaand i lost. Again.
I feel happy for the people who won though. c:
Speaking of contests . . 
There is only ONE more day left until you can enter the contest! There will be a round two, so hurry if you want to be in it!

That's all for today, Happy jamming everyone! :3


  1. It would be fair if it was for nonmember but I can till the tiki chairs r gonna come out tomorrow

  2. I entered the contest! I don't really like the tiki table so much... well I do, but they don't look good with the terrace chairs XD Can't wait if there is tiki chairs. Yay Otters!

  3. Lol just noticed 103 people have blog... including me! XD i can't believe i never go into crystal sands XD :3

  4. MAH GAWD! I. WANT. THAT. OTTER. But I have a feeling it will be in the Diamond Shop. :(

    Yes I do love the tiki umbrella table. I fits well on the water park den, the treehouse den and the small normal den, but mostly the water park den. I didn't buy it because I have a bit of room left and it looks kinda big for my water park den..... O,o

    The update for the Ocean Base Camp is awesome! I just love how there are corals underneath with tiny islands. And you can swim there as a land animal! Well, only between the small islands that is.


  5. if the otter is the frickin diamond shop i'm gonna blow up the headquarters.


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