Saturday, 19 July 2014

Stegosaurus tail & Never-before seen item..?

Hiya jammers! ^.^
The stegosaurus armor has returned! :3
I won't be wearing this anytime soon, but it looks awesome if you turn into the same color as the armor and wear it with the tail armor. :D
It would be cool if there where stegosaurus claws. ^_^
You know, think about it . . all three together. It would look pawsome! :3
Although, i admit that im not a very big fan of this item. :I
On the other hand, a new, never seen before item has been spotted in Jamaa . . 

Credit to Animal Jam Spirit
Odd, isn't it?
I believe that jammer might have been a tester, however - although i doubt it - these items could maybe be also gotten in the Eagle Adventures. I also came up with a theory that it might be the winning item of the New Item contest. What do you guys think about this mysterious new item?
Well, Anywho, i added a brand new "labels" gadget for you all to navigate easier on the blog! ^o^
It's just below the "Animals Of Jamaa" picture. :D
Now you can select a category, and just read the posts about that subject. We'll see how it goes. ^.^
To wrap it up, here's the Question of the post!
Should there be a new book in the Chamber Of Knowledge?
A one about Jamaa's history, perhaps?
Or another animal one? 
Feel free to share your ideas!


  1. WoAh the dinosaur armour is creepy

  2. Awesome blog!!! you need more people to comment! I am totally following you. Hey do you want to see my blog??? here it is it is new....

    1. Aww, thanks. :)
      You're blog is awesome too - and i mean it!
      I'll add your blog to my 'Other Blogs' list. :3


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