Wednesday, 23 July 2014

THE BEST UNEXPECTED UPDATE IN AJ'S HISTORY!! Wow, this is a long title i guess i should finish it here..

Hiya jammers! ^.^ 
Yep, the title says it all.
Well, it's kinda odd how AJ is updating on a Wednesday, but i guess AJHQ just finished the update today. ^o^
So starting off with rhinos - No, it's not a party but instead something just as good! :3
Yup, new ADORABLE pet rhinos! ^O^
Im not gonna be getting one though - mainly because it's sold in diamonds. XD
But since AJHQ is releasing so much Diamond Shop pets, they should also make cats & dogs nonmember since they're the most popular pets in the world. :3
Anywho, continuing on to the other page . . .
Yes, AJHQ has managed to bring back Beta! :D
It's the exact same as the old nonmember Beta den . . 
I love the entrance of the Beta den for some reason. ^o^
In the 3rd floor or so, there's a small shop. . . 
At first, i thought it had things that where SOLD in Beta - such as cami frogs or gecko plushies but they where happily (Or sadly?) items that where FOUND in beta.
I guess it's better since many jammers would be upset if betas actually returned in stores. ^-^
Hmm . . I don't remember those banners though - but they look neat anyways! c:
To be honest, my mind was blown to bits when i saw this update. XD
It also has a lovely little beach! ^.^
Well - not exactly a beach but what a lovely place to hang out and chat with your buddies! ^.^
That flamingo - sorta bird is adorable. :3
It some ways, i wish it stayed in Crystal Sands. ;-;
Oh well. At least that adorable little flamingo/toucan sorta bird is now back in Jamaa! :D
I shall call him/her Skipper. c:

Anywho the winner of the clothing contest is here! ^o^
Yes, of course -  a Ribbon Scarf!
Who won though? o.o
AJHQ forgot to tell who the winner was.. o.O
I guess we might find out tomorrow though. :P
And about the new animal . . Remember the question on the last post?
A few jammers voted for owls or armadillos - do you think it will be either of those? ^o^
Im going to be putting a poll up on which animal you think should come to Jamaa on this blog soon. C:
On the other hand, there's a fun new contest that everyone can attend. :3
I voted for the Egyptian thingies one. :D
But a icecream parlour and a hair salon would also be pawsome! ^o^
But animals don't have hair though . . So it would be more reasonable to call it a fur salon. 
But i think the icecream parlour is gonna win. :3
And In Too Deep is now also out on hardmode! ^-^
The best thing?
A brand new guide is out . . 
Yep, you guessed it. The Aj Insiders guide!! :D
I'll try to get a copy as soon as i can! Though im not sure if i have either of those shops where i live. ;-;
I guess i could buy it online though. ^o^
I can already feel this guide is gonna be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
That's all i have for now! :3
What new things have you noticed about this update?
Also - have you also seen the brand new remove all den items button? ^o^


  1. Hey!
    Unexpected was my word. XD
    I tried to think for a while and this adjective came to my mind. XD

  2. AJHQ Didn't even showcase the actual entry or any of the other entries!

    1. Ajhq is too lazy know adays kinda like me :3 well me sometimes not always

  3. New animal-
    Otter, Proof-
    See the jamaa journal, See the top left of every page and read the letters in that corner loud, spell them together, O-T-T-E-R

    1. XD Finally someone else knows! I asked all my buddies and none of them knew >.<

  4. Great post! Thanks it was very helpfull!! ;)

  5. Hey........ I guess I owe you some infooooo

    I have quit blogging :O

    If you wanna stay in contact with me, visit my youtube channel


  7. OTTTER! Wow, I thought hippo before the update this is too awesome thx Myth!

    1. yw :)
      oteers i guess live in freshwater...
      Only the mount shiveer hot springs and crystal sand pond above the waterfall is fresh.

      NEW LAND!
      i guess the top left, i gonna be a lake, east as swamp and other side as happy side.
      The swamp be with dark green water, there would be Jb(JOURNEY BOOK) beaver in the middle with their lodge and they made a dam and put mud over it. And otters couldbe nm maybe.
      the lake of dark side will lead to deep and the light side into bahari bay

  8. There was a glitch to duplicate items after the update XD

  9. Lol the remove all items button is really useful. :3
    But i wish the remove all ITEMS button would return. ;-;

  10. I love how the update came out on my blog's anniversary :D

  11. the monkey statue at the beta party, I've been told was in zios


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