Saturday, 26 July 2014

Epic Deer Antlers & Rumors about Fman

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Today's neat little item is the Epic Deer Antlers which are sold in Epic Wonders. c:
When i first saw these, i thought they where SUPER epic! :D
They're so huge! I couldn't wait to try them on my Arctic Wolf, but . . 
It looked WAAY too huge. xD
So for now, i think i'll keep on my original antlers. ^o^
But it looks epic on deers - since it probably was originally designed for deer. :P
Whenever i put them on my deer, i feel like the leader of all the deers in Jamaa. :D
You know, they look a bit like Sigurd's antlers! ^-^
On the other hand, the ice couch is sadly leaving . . ;-;
Aww. :c
I guess AJHQ is making up space for the new items.
Im loving the new items lately, what about you? ^_^
Anywho, some jammers have reported seeing Fman in Jamaa . . 
Displaying fman!_.png
Credit to Tara Animations for this pic.
Back in 2013, i freaked out when i saw fman in Jamaa but im not scared anymore.
It's simple - i highly doubt that Fman is truly still in Jamaa.
It's just that there are so many fakes these days.
AJHQ has done a huge majority of things to keep him away from AJ - Fman can't just simply take over Animal Jam!
I even saw fman in Kimbara Outback today . .
Look closely. Yes, he's saying something.
And Fman doesn't usually talk - well not his true accounts anyway.
Plus, nonmembers can't send gifts now. What's the point?
Although i recommend blocking them just in case, A huge majority of these are fake.

Sadly, that's all for today jammers - Play Wild!


  1. I bumped into an fman b4 but it was a member one and it was a she and she has other animals

  2. I used to be really scared of Fman, but now i don't even think about him. There are so many fakes! I saw two today, and they moved. It is possible to go on two accounts on one time, but eh, whatever.

  3. my mom says fman was probably an innocent jammer the someone was upset with him and started the rumor of the hacker

  4. Oh my gosh! I found out a code for animaljam, Its twelve, try it!

  5. Everyone knows that XD

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Fman is more of a joke than a threat now XD

  8. there is so many fakes about Fman idk if its real or fake D: D: D:=(


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