Thursday, 10 July 2014

In Too Deep + New summer carnival game!

Heya jammers! ^o^
It's Thursday, which can only mean update day! :D
To start with, Rhinos have made their way back to the land of Jamaa. c:
It's quite dissapointing they didn't come back with a new land or a new party, but it's good to have them back anyway. ^.^
I wonder what the returning lions will bring. Maybe a new party, like when Monkeys went endangered? I have always thought of a Big Cat only party! :D
Anywho, the time has come for a brand new underwater adventure . . .
It's a bit like the land adventures, Meet Cosmo and The Hive crossed together, and yes, you do get to meet a big whale who wears a tophat in the adventure. :3
Which reminds me: Do you think whales could possibly be coming to Jamaa soon? c:
I haven't finished the adventure yet, but there are many new features - like Whirl Pears to start off with!
Whirl pearls are sorta like Boomseeds. . .
Pretty cool!
What do you think about the new adventure? Have you completed the adventure yet? ^o^
Anywho, there's tons of new updates in the summer carnival - including a fantastic (yet hard) new game!
Yesh, finally! A new game! :D
But hard.

Chu have to aim exactly at the target.
It took me a while to get the hang of it, first i targeted the phantoms instead of the target. XD
Then on the second go i flung every ball WAY too hard although i aimed at the target.
So yup. Hard. 
Well lastly, the hatapalooza celebration has returned! ^o^
The Jamaalidays also seemed to have returned - in July!
I guess it's because it's winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, so we can all celebrate Winter on AJ! :3
What do you think about the update jammers? :)
I finished the adventure, it was suuper hard, but the ending held quite a surprise . . 
I didn't know who Tavie was, but then this:
The dolphin Alpha?! 
Amazing, i didn't know there where underwater Alphas! What do you think happens next? Do you think that all the ocean alphas may be trapped?


  1. Im actually glad there is a hard summer carnival game. The others where way too easy, and this one challenges you so it's better. Anyone agree?

    1. Well, yes and no. The other games where easy, but im more into easy games soo . .
      P.S first time commenting here

    2. Its rlly hard for me cause i play on ipad O.O

  2. Hehe the phantom game looks so coll

  3. I thought the dolphin shaman/Beta/Alpha was Aphrodite! Wow! I didn't know either!

    I'm right! There shall be another whale in Jamaa!
    Whirl Pearls looks so cool... Especially as an accessory!

  4. If whales are coming... I wonder how big they'll be considering the one in the adventure...

    1. Haha, probably not as big as the one in the adventure. ;)

  5. We'll I requested that belugas which r a whale come to jamaa same with manatees but manatees aren't a whale:) So if a whale does come to jMaa I hope its beluga


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