Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Terrace Table + Gifts

Hiya jammers!
The new item is the Terrace Table sold in Jam-Mart furniture! ^.^
Although it is quite expensive, i think it looks great in the Crystal Palace! :D
The green lawn chair looks great with the Terrace table, try it! It adds a nice, Jamaasian feel. ^-^
I love it that AJHQ is making Jamaasian items these days, such as the Vine Lamp. And the terrace table also keeps you out of the rain, so unlimited picnics! X3
Well on the other hand, i received gifts from the Daily Spin Today! Yipee! :D
But, worst of luck, the prizes where H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. DX
Well, at least i got a better gift today because i came second in Snowyclaw's mini-Monday Mystery Contest! ^o^
I got a Rare Samurai Helmet! :D
Okay, not that great, but at least it's better then the gifts i got from the Daily Spin! ^_^
It would have been more reasonable to do past RIM's for the gifts. I don't think that all gifts from the Daily Spin are store-brought items though. Have you ever gotten a rare or something beta/popular/your dream item from the spin? :3
Question of the post
What's your favorite Mini-Game in AJ, and why?
Comment a number under your answer for a chance to win a small prize!
That;s all for today jammers. Bye! ^-^


  1. My favourite mini game is best dressed because there's a bunch if rares on it that you can dress up in and you make money really fast which I also thing it's the best because there's 1,2 and third prizes!

    My user is violet86271
    And I choose number 8

  2. Favourite mini game... I'd have to say sky high. Back when i was non-member, i was determined to get to the treasure and would spend many many many days practicing. It got me a lot of gems. Now, i get to the top very easily.

  3. I really don't get how something is... Jamaasian... It's basically like making something Chinese or making something American. I just don't get it... Maybe I don't take the game seriously enough. '-'

    1. @Nebula,
      To me, Jamaasian is a nature-y, non-human item. The terrace table is part Jamaasian because it's made out of wood, but is a everyday human item. Maybe it's something different to you. :)

    2. I dunno, I guess I just don't really take Animal Jam that seriously to consider it a word in my book.

  4. My favourite mini-game is either Underwater Best Dressed or that dolphin game (cant remember name XD)


  5. Splash and Dash because i am best at it



  6. Uhh.. the Swoopy Eagle, it's super easy (kinda) also, I <3 it, I DON'T KNOW WHY.

  7. The only awesome gift I got on the daily spin was orange mech angel wings.

  8. My favourite game is sky high and spalsh and dash because i easyly win


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