Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Heart Pillow & randomness in Jamaa

Hiya jammers! ^-^
Lots of people said that they had a feeling that otters where gonna be nonmember in the comments yesterday . . The odd thing is, i have a feeling too! You know what? I think otters are probably gonna be nonmember! :D
And if they aren't, im gonna rant. =-=
But they probably are gonna be nonmember, so keep your hopes high! :3
Moving on, the new item is the Heart Pillow. c:
To me, it looks like a balloon heart pillow because if the tiny knot at the end. :P
But meh, i guess i liked the star pillow better. 
Doesn't anyone think that AJHQ should have called the star pillow a "shape" pillow which included the heart pillow and other shapes? Same with the balloon hats, that would be more organized. c:
 Yeah . . quite sad it's members only.
But you know, when i was walking through Jamaa township today, i saw this . . thingy.
Nah, not really. XD
But that just seems so random . . o_o
Seriously, if you look closely there's alot of random things in Jamaa like this FREAKY chicken thingy . .
Scary. O_O
But also a much more pleasant, cute little owl/smiley face! ^.^
So much random things on the wall . . But that's what i like about AJ. :3
Except for the freaky chicken thingy.
Well on the other hand, the Find the Alphas contest will sadly be leaving in 2 days . .
But don't worry though - there will be a more exciting, fun round two!
It's fine if you don't want to enter - im not forcing you but it's a quite fun contest. ^-^
Lastly, what do you think about otters? Would you buy them? Why?
And what do you think their actions will be? :3


  1. Yay! First comment! Anyway, I would buy the otter, and I already Entered the contest!

  2. It would be soo cool if otters will be for nonmembs too! :)) yuhuu

  3. I love otters! If it isn't for all jammers, I at least hope it isn't in the Diamond Shop...

    1. They don't seem like an diamond shop animal if u see wat i mean.

  4. ikr aj has like gobs of money and they have enough for about a year!

  5. Agreed, as usual

  6. Please check out my mini contest on my blog : THe contest ends tommorow whenever i get one the computer.


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