Saturday, 5 July 2014

Greely's story: The escape

Chapter five (continued)
Greely sat up. "Who are you anyway?" He asked, still feeling afraid.
"Im Claw." He begun, "I help the Phantom King -"
"So what? You're gonna now put us into nets and make us evil" Snowflake interrupted.
"No! I am not as evil as the king, in fact i sometimes wish i where normal  . . Like the other eagle. But don't ask, it's all a long story."
"I don't trust him." Snowflake whispered. "Yes, but he's our only hope. We'll go on our own if something feels strange."
"Now, since i have been in this dungeon for a long time i know where all the traps are." Claw said.
"The plan? It's simple. We go straight avoiding the traps until there is a dead end, of which there three doors with labels on their doors telling you what they lead to. But it's all a big trap, the worst one is actually your way out, so we pick the door on our right, got it? Then there's the room of lasers, where there are tons of phantom watchers. It's possible to avoid them, so are we ready to go?"

Both wolves nodded.

Chapter six
 ** 3 hours later **
It had been a few hours since Snowflake, Greely, and Claw had set on their journey to escape. They had avoided almost all the traps so far, Claw was indeed, their only hope.

"Claw, are we at the three doors yet? Are we at least even near it" Greely said.
"A few more steps . . There it is! Remember what i said - the worst is the best."

"How can we trust him? This might be a trick!" Snowflake whispered.
"I must leave you. I cannot go any farther because i will get caught. I wish you luck . . " Claw said.

Claw vanished, and the two wolves where left alone.
"We have to try it out!" Greely said.
"Fine. . ." Snowflake said.
They opened the door slowly and peaked. The hallway was blank, and sure enough, there was a light at the end.
"See? I told you!" Greely said.

"Yeah, but what about the phantom watchers?" Snowflake said.
"I guess he made a mistake. Come on, lets go!" He said, running to the light.
"Alright, alright, im coming!" Snowflake replied back.

The warm light hit their faces. It seemed like ages since they had been outside.
"Wow! I can't believe we're finally out!" Greely exclaimed.
"Yeah . . But what do we do now?" Snowflake replied.
Greely gazed at the empty horizon. The packs seemed so distant. Miles away. What where they to do now?

More coming tomorrow!


  1. cool...
    I'm too tired to post a real comment I just got up...
    but its a good story...

  2. Really cool........

  3. awesome! um... why did claw help them if he helps the phantom king?


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