Monday, 14 July 2014

Rare Spiked Mowhawk + Old crystal sands or new?

Hiya jammers! ^o^
The rare is the multi-colored spiked mowhawk, which is sold in the third page of Jam-Mart clothing! c:
About a year ago, i suggested rainbow mowhawks on the AJR. o3o
The colors are probably because of the world cup though. Oh well. :P
But this is a rather nice rare. :3
If only today's rare was nonmember though. There have been way too many member rares already. >.<
However, you can make pawsome and colorful outfits with the rare! :D
Speaking of outfits, here's a cool outfit i made using the mowhawk. c:
The trick is to combine all the colors of the rainbow at once. c:
What other outfits have you made using this rare?
Well, i guess it's time for the rating!
Colors: 4/5
Price: 2/5
Creativity: 3/5
So that's a total of 8 out of 15! Quite good. ^.^
Anywho, here's the DE post! :)
 Speaking of in too deep, what do you think happened to the Dolphin Alpha, Tavie? Will the phantoms really capture all the Alphas? Feel free to comment and share your opinions. ^.^
On the other hand, about 2 years ago or so, Crystal sands looked very different . . 
 It looked more natural, more like a beach with lots of new things to discover unlike today's Crystal sands. 
After a year or so, AJHQ decided to change Crystal sands to what we know now today - a waterpark.
But once AJHQ added those changes, Crystal sands lost it's nature-y, relaxed feelings in my opinion. So the question is, do you like the old crystal sands or the new crystal sands better?
I personally like the Old Crystal Sands because it's just more nature-y and Jamaasian. And with all the caves and things, it's a wonderful place to explore whereas the new Crystal Sands doesn't have much caves or places to explore. What do you think, jammers? ^.^


  1. Yes, I agree to your opinion.
    The naturey one is better.
    It was so adventurous.
    Who wants to slide in the waterpark when there's so much adventure waiting ahead?
    Anywho, AJ won't turn it back, even if you request them. :(
    I go with the Old Crystal Sands!

    Btw, whom did you support in yesterday's match?
    I supported both of them, but Argentina just a salt pinch more. ;)
    Congrats to Germany. :D
    Dis-Congrats to Messi. :P
    But they did well. So :claps:
    You can do better next year ARGENTINA!

    1. I remember when River Clan use to roam there :( good times back then, beta testing felt so different and there was more story to the game now all it is, is getting rares and stealing

  2. Ya I agree even tho I was never on the old crystal sands:(

  3. Flufffycybunny:flufffycybunny is my user on animaljam.buddy me if you like my animals are a seal and opinion is the old crystal sands its much bigger and nature-y

    from flufffycybunny!



  5. I agree, the old one was so much better. It was bigger and had lots of neat little areas to hang out in, too.

  6. Replies
    1. Although I'm not saying that i dont like the new crystal sands because the new one is quite fun as well!

  7. I like the colors of the rim too! There pretty rainbows

  8. I agree, the old crystal sands was bigger and had a lot more neat little places to hang out with friends at. They had beach towels and little caverns... It really... fitted in with the rest of Jamaa. The new one is alright, I mean the watersides are lots of fun, but honestly I prefer the old one. It really set the mood better.


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