Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Yummy Pizza

Hiya jammers! ^.^
We can now grab pizza from the screen and eat it!
Just kidding. XD
The new item is the Pizza Hat, which is sold in the Summer Carnival. :3
The black and white color reminds me of oreos. c:
Except that the sausage is purple. XD
Seriously, why would sausage be purple? o-o
Oh well. I guess AJHQ makes it possible, because anything is possible in AJ. xD
But if you put it on your animal . . . 
The cheese melting off it looks like your animal is trying to lick the melting cheese. XD
Im really hungry now. :c
But it's night. :c
I guess i will just have to eat the pizza another time. ;;
Oh well. Anywho, here's the DE post! ^o^
That monkey is just so adorable. :3
And i searched up Kazuhiro Watanabe straight after reading the post. XD
Did you? :P
I don't really have much time now, but before going here's the Question of the post! ^o^
What's your favorite pizza flavor?
Bye! :3


  1. My fav pizza is pepperoni and my other is vegetables too

  2. You hyena is adorable, Cloudclaws! :D

  3. my fav pizza is EXTRA cheese

  4. Well...My favorite flavor is sausege!!!

  5. My favourite flavour would be either pepperoni or pineapple, and the purple peperonis on the new item looks like beets

    ( i dont feel like going on to my google account at the moment )
    - Osirius

  6. My favorite is extra pepperoni. Also, today(tomorrow for u guyz) is my birthday, (7/16/14) so please, a little gift, not expensive, like a locket or a bracelet, please send it to me! i'm ilovevolleyball15


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