Wednesday, 2 July 2014

More Crystal Palace fun!

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Welcome to another post on the AJR. :D
The new item is the Lightning Necklace which is sold in the Summer Carnival! c:
Haha, i remember when i first joined Jamaa i was crazy about these necklaces. X3
And yet, i still love these necklaces. ^-^
Anywho, here's some more Crystal palace fun - earlier today i discovered this some sorta eagle hideout! :D
Also noted by Scooter AJ
A pawsome place to invite all your eagle buddies and plot on how to take over Jamaa . . MUAHAHAHHAHA!!
Nah, just kidding. XD
And fuzzy is also very happy with the new den, he's pretending that the ground is lava hopping from one stone to another. ^-^

I think fuzzy is overreacting about this new den thing a bit.
Nope, alot.
Well on some other news, three cheers for Snowball, the new blog mascot! :D
Isn't she adorable? ^.^
Well that's it for today - bye jammers!
P.S Only two more followers until a mini-contest! Yay!
P.P.S River art has been updated!


  1. Hi! Great blog and nice post! Check out mine? It has gone under a complete transformation XD

    1. Cool blog btw! Wait, yours used to have this map theme, right.? And now it's all orange/yellow like. Lol, "complete transformation" reminds me of those reality TV shows. Like when they fix up houses, people... :P

    2. Yup, this is an awesome blog!

  2. XD Fuzzy and Little are a bit cray-cray, Cloud! And also a bit hyper. Is it just me or does the blog mascot, Snowball, look like Fuzzy kinda.? So far on all the blogs posting about this lightning necklace, they said that they're all obsessed with it/love it. X3

    1. Yep, never noticed it but fuzzy does seem to look like snowball! XD

  3. Omg soooo cute! 😘 I luv ur new mascot snowball! And where exactly is the new eagle hideout? Cause idk! Lol


    1. If i remember correctly, it's on the top left. :)

  4. Yay new mascot!!!
    I wish I had the den it fits mah needs XD

  5. Three cheers for Snowball! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!


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