Friday, 1 August 2014

Beta Green Rug & Other

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Well, it's a brand new month today so happy August! :3
Since august is now here, the peridot birthstone also seems to be back. c:
Yay! ^o^
It's cool how the cystals are sticking out of the bowl. :3
And peridots look so pretty. x3
So vibrant bright and cheerful . . :D
Also, the Beta Green Rug has arrived at the beta party. c:
Credit to Scooter.
YAY!! :D
It's finally here!! Well, i sorta knew it was gonna come later. :P
But i <3 this item! Can't wait to buy it! x3
Anywho, i saw this image at the AJSB . . . .
Horse coins?! o.o
What in the world are those?
People say it can be gotten in the forgotten desert, but is it a clothing item or a den item.....? o.O
Odd. Maybe it will be coming to stores soon . . dunno though.
On the other hand, here's the DE post! C:

Ooohh . . Signed by Sir Gilbert? :3
His signature is awesome owo
But that question . . 

So yah.
Awesome question. :D
Sadly, that's all for today! Sorry if the post was kinda boring.. :I
Didn't have much time today.
Anywho bye! :D


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