Friday, 8 August 2014


Hiya jammers! ^-^
The new item is the Icecream parlor jukebox. :3
Never heard of that word. :P
So i have no idea what this actually is.
It looks like some icecream machine though. :3
And the glow - thingies are cool . . It plays a song if you click on it. :D
Little notes come out of it . . c: 
Anywho, here's the DE post about the icecream stuff! :D
Haha, those are some pawsome new items there! :D
I can't wait for that icecream couch . . so delicious. ^^
Now im hungry.
oohhh yesss icecream
so yum
Okayyyy . . XD
On the other hand, remember my post about Disqus a few days ago?
Okay, how do i put this but . . 
I sadly (Or happily?) won't be switching to Disqus.
I know it's faster - but it might be too stressful for the anonymous commentors since they have to fill out the email, etc, etc . . 
Sorry if you think Disqus was better, but i don't think this blog needs it for now, however i might be opening up a test blog where you can try Disqus for a while. c:
So yeah.
That's pretty much all for today. ^o^


  1. A jukebox is like a radio it was used in the olden days I think instead of a radio

    1. Ohhh, okay. Now i remember, i just didn't know the name of it. I thought it was just called a "radio" XD

  2. Plz feature scooter that he left tomorrow



  3. SWEET! I just got a free Minecraft card code at

  4. Ever since Snowyclaw has added Disqus to her blog, everybody has been doing it... There's a difference between being inspired and being a copycat! Come on!

    1. @Nebula,
      Yes, that is actually one of the reasons i didn't add Disqus - inspiration and being a copycat are very different so i agree. ^^

  5. Hello dere peoples! I shall be commenting on dis blog from now on! I used to, but things happened and I had to stop. But now I is back. Huzzah! XD

  6. Well, I wouldn't choose Disqus because when I tried to comment anonymously on the AJS Blog (I can use the blog's email besides mine luckily), my posted comment was not there. I don't know if it's a glitch from Disqus or just the blog but either reason, I still wouldn't have Disqus because of that.


  7. Yay! I voted for the ice cream parlour! I am like some hours/half a day in front of Animal jam, so when i log on i don't see the new items xD I have to wait for aj to add the new item

  8. Cottoncandygal112578 August 2014 at 10:49

    This is cool! I love that Jukebox ^_^
    Also, to answer your question, A Jukebox is a bit like a radio..

    And what is Disqus?

    And, I'm new to this blog! I hope I get to know this blog a bit more :3


    1. Disqus is a commenting system - it's quite popular. :)

  9. Yay I voted for Ice cream parlor :D it looks delusions 030 and the jukebox does look like an ice cream machine -DogLover1230


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