Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hula Dance

Hiya jammers! ^o^
The new item today is the Hula Skirt in Jam-Mart Clothing. :3
A teeny weeny bit human . . But it still blends in with the "nature-y" theme good. :p
You could make a neat outfit with the skirt if you combine leaf necklace, leaf armor, and something nature-y (headfeather flower crown head flower etc) on your head. ^_^
It looks pawsome on Raccoon's & Hyenas. x3
But don't you think it's too puffy for a Hula Skirt? o.o
It should be more flat since it's made out of grass. I prefer leaf hula skirts. c:
Check below the link for more!
On the other hand, here's the new DE post! c:
"Forgotten" animals of Jamaa? Well i guess they are sort of forgotten, especially the poor crocs. Hardly anyone uses them now. ;-;
On the other hand, i would proudly like to announce that the blog has reached 100000 views! :D
Thanks everyone! Great job . . i never knew this blog would get so far. :)
I remember when it only had 1000 views . . it's like it was just yesterday.
Tomorrow, a celebration for 100000 views will be announced so be sure to check back in! ^-^
Lastly, we haven't had one for a while now so here's a Mystery!
In the diamond shop, there's an old statue of an Arctic Wolf. Why is it there? Who was it built after? Who built it? Was a long-lost statue once or something else?
K, Bye for now!


  1. i keep getting first comment! probably because i live in a different time zone and comment just a few minutes after Cloud is done posting. and about the arctic wolf statue, maybe it was the first diamond shop animal? idk.

    1. conrats nebula for winning find the alphas!!! :D

  2. Maybe the statue represents the special animals you can get at the Diamond Shop, the arctic wolf being the most popular. Maybe when they were planning the Diamond Shop, because they made gift card animals available in there, and since arctic wolves are the most popular gift card, and possibly the most popular animal in general, they had the arctic wolf represent all of the animals in the diamond shop.

  3. Meh, I'm not a fan of skirts, not even in real life, although I am a girl. I still play all of my animals but it depends what I like to be. But I like being ANY animal! :D

    Ok I'll make a story for the statue:

    The first arctic wolf ever lived in Jamaa was alone in the unknown arctic lands. She was sent away from planet Earth because she was held captive by humans until a heron sent her to another planet in a nearby galaxy. The arctic wolf felt the pain she had back at her homeland in the arctic lands she knew where other arctic wolves roam. She was the Alpha (no, it means wolf pack leader, not like the Alphas of Jamaa! XD) of her pack, and she knew that the arctic wolves are looking for her. She took a deep breath and carried on. She couldn't find any food in the arctic lands. It didn't look like the tundra at all. The arctic wolf almost fell on a cliff. She was on a mountain. Instead, she tried to find shelter before she can run around looking for food. She found a cave at the highest peak of the mountain. Luckily, she didn't need to climb, she ran up the snowy path towards the cave. She sniffed if there were anything inside the cave; her snout messaged that there's no one inside and that she can claim the cavern as her home. The arctic wolf looked around, it was dark. She continued sniffing and she saw a bright light. She ran towards the light curiously, and there she found shiny light blue minerals. They looked like crystals except more clean and beautiful. The arctic wolf was shocked; she found diamonds. Then she heard flapping noises. The same heron who rescued her flew down towards her. The heron is a little taller and she is made of plasma as if she's a spirit.
    "Welcome, you found the arctic wolf spiritstone!" The heron said.

    Since the story seems long I'll just make a reply to continue it! I hope you're enjoying it so far! ^.^


    1. Ok here's part 2:

      "Hi", the arctic wolf said shyly. "Um... I just need to know why I'm here? And what's a spiritstone?"
      "A spiritstone is an artifact of a certain animal", the heron replied. "And inside, they have the powers of a certain animal's Shaman."
      "Don't animals gain those powers inside?" the arctic wolf asked.
      "No, only the animal who finds their spiritstone first will gain them, and you will", The heron answered. "And I think you need a name for your Shaman character. You shall be named Crystal. You will be a mage yourself, you will use your snow and ice powers in any way you can and if there's ever trouble you will use these powers to freeze enemies or anything not good around here. Do you accept the deal?"
      "I do, I will live in your land and become a Shaman and protect those who need me but I like studying these precious minerals."
      "They're diamonds", the heron said. "They're very rare to find and I made a palace entirely made of them all by myself. Since you're the first animal ever who found the diamonds, you can do whatever you like with all of them."
      "Well, I will make a shop made of diamonds where all citizens can buy ancient things with diamonds ", Crystal said. "I'll call it the Diamond Shop."
      "Then we shall build the Diamond Shop for you in my palace", the heron said. "By the way, I'm your Sky Mother Mira."
      The heron flew away, leaving Crystal alone in the cave. Diamonds will soon be important in the future, she thought.

      To this day, the Diamond Shop became more and more active because of more ancient things that come to be inside. If they say it was in Mira's palace then why is it in Jamaa Township, you ask? Well, since the Phantoms came, the palace fell into pieces, and about 80% of different animal species left Jamaa because of the Phantoms, but no other Jammer knew what they all are. They say that since Mira's palace was in the clouds, a piece of the palace which is the Diamond Shop crashed into Jamaa Township after falling from the sky in the year 2013. Luckily, the statue that Crystal made herself was still in there but cracked a few times. That was when Jammers knew there was a Shaman for each animal because they knew what the first arctic wolf looked like and how important she was.

      I hope you enjoyed my story! :D


  4. Beautyful! Love it! It is a story I think is FANTASTIC! Please make one of why there are orbs in the Epic Wonders or if there was an eagle alpha or something as great as this one, again, LOVE IT!!


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