Sunday, 3 August 2014

Tiki Chair & Round 2

Hiya jammers! ^.^
The new item is the Tiki Chair!
Just noticed it's nonmember . . 
It also comes in three lovely colors. :3
If you put them altogether, it looks cool. o3o

The bamboo one is my favorite. ^o^
If AJHQ created a bamboo hut that would be awesome owo
I wish AJHQ made a den contest so i could submit my entry. x3
I can still use the purple question marks though. :P
Anywho, round two of Find The Alphas is here! :3
Yep, a brand new more challenging, fun contest! Only people who have passed round one may enter so check out the contest blog here, you might have won!
Before i leave, here's the Question Of The Post!
What's your favorite color?
Yes, very simple i know . . But mine is icy blue. :3


  1. My favorite color is kind of a blue-green aqua, it's really hard to explain. XD

  2. Blue green and purple


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