Monday, 11 August 2014

Rare sunvisor

Hiya jammers!
Im in a rush today >.<
I have to perform tomorrow . . Im so excited yet nervous.
Anywho, the rare item is the Rare Sunvisor! :3
I never likes the sunvisor, it was so human-y but i love the golden color on the top. :D
It looks like solid gold. owo
But look at the price though.
WAAAYY too high. o.O
Here's the rating now. :3
Price: 1/5
Colors: 5/5
Creativity: 3/5
9 out of 15! A good rare. :3
I just love the colors of this . . ^o^
Anywho, today i found a new game and im kind of addicted to it since i love cats. o3o
It's called catspawisland. :3
It's kind of like Animal Jam, but it's new so it's not developed much and doesn't run as smoothly as Animal jam.
In the pic above, there was only 44 people online. :I
If you really love cats like me, you should try it out. :D
My username is cloudclaws . . same as AJ. :P
And now for cute animal GIFs time! :D

 too lazy to get up&#8230;
Invisible floor o-o
Thanks whoagifs!
Yaay cute bunneh playing piano XD
Puppy attack!
Thank you whoagifs!
This is just . . XD

Okay, now i have to REAALLY go . . sorry if my posts these days are so random xD


  1. Hmm... I agree with the sunvisor but I would like something else besides a retexture of colours, but I agree that these items are "rare" versions of some items in Jamaa. I'll check out Cat'spawisland, even if I'm more of a wolf fan. I still love big cats. :P And every GIF is SOOOO CUTE. The cat ones are always funny like the other ones are so cute! People who don't like animals are just wrong about this. XD


  2. Is CPI inappropriate or violent? If not, my mom will probably let me join. :D

    1. It's supposed to be a 2-D chat game, which I saw on the web, so I think it's appropriate for kids! :D


  3. I love CPI! It's so much fun!

  4. errrr. i saw it's rules and it has PG-13 conversations.

    1. Ok, I think I was wrong with the game being appropriate for kids? O_O I've heard there are private rooms or a whisper feature so you can talk about stuff that kids shouldn't know to others in public. It's great if both you and your friend are teenagers. So I think kids can still play it....


    2. Privately* not in public. Sorry, I was reading the rules and the word in my head was "public". XD


  5. Omg I love da bunney! He is going to burst with cuteness. And cloud, what kind of performance are you doing? I know how you feel being nervous/excited.

  6. New favorite blog ^.^ -bunnycute39

  7. I was looking through the gifs label and found this can u give me a URL so I don't go somewere weird?

  8. I checked it out WOW you drew that?!


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