Monday, 25 August 2014

Rare Raccoon Tail

Hiya jammers! ^o^
De new item is the Rare Racoon Tail. :3

Yaaay! The first rare sold for tickets! :D
The thought that it would be sold in the summer carnival just randomly came to my mind. o3o
I looked at Jam-Mart clothing, no rare!
So then i looked at furniture, still no rare. Then im suddenly like, Why not look in the Summer Carnival?
So that's how. xD
Time for the rating! :D
Colors: 4/5
Creativity: 2/5
Price: 3/4
9 out of 15 . . not bad, not bad. :3
Eeeeee im getting dat sudden urge to make an outfit now! :D
There we go. It's called Blue Winter, feel free to use all yours no credit needed.
Well, the next subject is one that has a 95% chance of making you happy.
For the 100000 views, im gonna do . . 
EDIT: Sorry for the mix up on the dates! I was meant to write 30th August. Silly me! >.<
23rd August THIS Saturday! I may give out a prizes at the party! There will be a quiz. :)
And the next subject has a 99% chance of making you go "awwww"
Let me through!
Hi there!! :3

Secret Animal Meeting
Secret animal meeting xD
This is my favorite, it's like MYAEEeeyyy!
Hope ya enjoyed! Bye for now! :D



    1. Yep, i changed it to AJ time to make it easier for you all to come. :)

  2. Cottoncandygal1125725 August 2014 at 04:50

    That Tail! <33 Ttslly getting it!
    But the party..
    Today is the 25th (for me, idk where you live) and the party is on the 23rd..
    Is that a typo? :3

    ~Cotton, who needs to learn time travel

    1. Yesh. We shall all like totally learn how to time travel. Now THAT would be epic! 8D

      My comment below when I was Anonymous (fanceh :3) reminds me of this comment, for some weird reason.

      Heh, heh, heh...........

  3. Umm.. Didn't August 23rd already passed? Cuz where I am, it's the 25th. Uh....

    I like this RIM. But I can't get it because I'm nonmember. :c

    Cute animal gifs too, Cloud!

    And I see you changed your profile pic to look like your arctic wolf on AJ, right.? Cool! ^•^

    ~cutepups522 who can't sign in right now. :P

    1. Yay! I'm signed in now! Like finally! x3

      Anywho, I found another error. For the RIM rating thing. 5+5+4 doesn't equal 15. 5+5+5 equals 15. I'm guessing that's another typo, right.? Dunno. And I suck at math- my math, anyways. Which is like algebra. So yeah..

      I also like that RIM outfit. So like bluey and whitey. Ya! ^w^

      Oh yeah. I agree with Krazy. The eagle and fox one is my favorite one here, too! xD

      And I think you should make a blog, fish301!


  4. Wait today is Monday August 25 8:36 am didn't the party all ready past.
    The 23 was like 2 days ago.

  5. And also I know this has nothing to do with this but do you think I should make my own blog.I am thinking

  6. Lol, I got confused when you said the party is on August 23 but it already passed. It was like 2 days ago! XD I kinda like the rare item, I know it's a recoloured item but the colour combinations will fit pretty well! Also, the GIFs are so cute! ALL of them are amazing. I just love animals! That GIF with the eagle, fox and cat is like an awkward moment after exiting your door. It's actually a video on Youtube. I wish there were animals like this living around but I live in the city, we only see birds and squirrels....


  7. Today's the 25th... Why do you tell us dat it's de 23rd, it's like you live on da other side of de world >.< So please change the time and just let us figure it out

  8. Urrrrrrrr..... meh confused. When the party? This Saterday or do we need a time machine to go back to last Saterday? -scrunches up face- :(

  9. So, it is on last Saturday? Ok. (goes on Ebay searches for time machine)

  10. I don't have enough money to buy a time machine to go to August 23.:(

  11. August 23rd? and also that's 7:00 am my time could u change time plz


    The "August 23rd" was a typo! Silly me! >.< The party is on 30TH SATURDAY, AUGUST.


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