Wednesday, 6 August 2014

More Tiki Stuff..

Hiya jammers! ^-^
The new item is another tiki-themed item - the Tiki Lawn Chair!
Im kinda getting bored of this tiki stuff. :I
Ever noticed that the Tiki Chair looks like the green lawn chair, the tall tiki table looks like the tall shelf, the tiki table looks like  terrace table and this looks like the normal lawn chair?
It's like a tiki version of everything. :D
And it's great how this doesn't have any creepy fa-
Oh well. At least it isn't that noticeable . . right? :3
Unlike the tall tiki table. o.O
Anywho, there are tons of great videos being released in Sarepia Forest! ^o^

They are pretty much my favorite animal. :D
What's yours? :p
I also <3 baby chameleons ^o^
So many cute animals . . 

Anywho, i have been thinking about switching to Disqus . . .
Disqus is the most popular commenting system - it's faster and less laggy than the blogger system.
Many of you have probably seen it on Snowyclaw's blog, the Animal Jam Spirit. Snowy first switched to Disqus because she got far too many comments for blogger to take, so she thought it would be much simpler and faster to comment on Disqus. However, this blog doesn't get that much comments, so it's fine with blogger's system.
But before changing anything, i want to hear your ideas about Disqus.
Would it be an easier way to comment for you, or do you like Blogger's system better?


  1. Yes i'd prefer disqus its much more faster and easier to use

  2. I think either way is fine to be honest

  3. Disqus? You can hear me rant about itall day long.

    It's like...

    You need e-mail and PLUS, WordPress, LiveJournal and so can't comment with their own account.

  4. My Favorite Species are also Cats. X3

  5. Agreeing with Rainbow000pegasus, we won't be able to comment at all, us anonymous' it means that ;-; I WONT COMMENT ;-;

  6. I HEART CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fav is blogger system.

  7. Oh look! A brand new issue of belle the rhino is here!
    Check it out!

    And while your at it check out

  8. cloudclaws, there's phantoms cotton candy in my den on the top floor if you wanna check it out i'm rooney625. bttw it might not still be there


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