Friday, 15 August 2014

Rant about Jam-A-Grams

Hiya jammers! ^o^
The new item is the ladybug hat which is sold in Jam-Mart clothing. :3
Finally, a hat of AJ's mascot! :D
Well, not REALLY it's mascot but a mini-mascot. ^.^
Well, that ladybug looks much cuter there than it does on the hat. o.O
It's still cute but it's so large and poofy. o_O
It should have been a necklace or something. Oh well. :I
Anywho, the Jam-a-gram chat system really frustrates me these days. -.-
You know why?
Yeah, well lets say you had an argument with your buddy. After a few hours, you get back on AJ and feel kinda bad about it, but your buddy is offline. You could just write it in a jam-A-gram though! Solved.

Nope. Guess what?
Why on earth would someone not be able to type sorry?!
But you can still type apologize, right?
You can't type apologize either.
So now you have no way of saying a simple, kind word.
Perfect, huh?
And you can't even type TRADE.
Really? Does AJHQ have any idea how much we use these words?
And it doesn't stop there. Many OTHER basic words are restricted too, so now Jam-A-Grams are now more pointless. :I
Ugh . . just ugh.
Who agrees with this?! We want our chat back!


  1. I agree! Also, AJHQ said members were "testing" the typing-in-Jam-A-Gram features. Hahahahaha, NO. We've been "testing" for years now.

  2. Ya that's really stupid you should be able to type anything u want in them

    1. Umm... except swear words! :D


  3. Cottoncandygal1125715 August 2014 at 06:03

    What if.. We decided to go to the township and make an army to say 'WE WANT CHAT!'

    What would happen O,O

    But anyways, I'm SOOO happy about that hat! It's REALLY cute, and I love the style. I AM TOTALLY GONNA BUY ONE! ^_^


    1. haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii cottonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    2. we should do that what u ppl free

  4. I've quit and AJ HQ hates me but I'll say it anyawy :P
    The chat and Jam-A-Gram restriction is RIDICULOUS!!!

  5. Its not right! AND non-members should be able to send and recive gifts! we want chat rights! for ALL types of chat!


  7. I agree!!!! People who have free chat should get to say anything they want in a JAG. They don't have to filter every single word. ;-;

    Also, my friend emailed AJHQ about why nonmembers can't send gifts. AJHQ replied something like this: "This is to prevent our YOUNGER<<<<< players from being scammed!" Really? Becoming a nonmember doesn't make you senseless. >~<

    1. And people without free chat should be allowed to AT LEAST say what they can in normal restricted chat.

      And AJHQ has been letting members "test" the JAGs for over two years. Um... I think we've done enough testing, AJHQ. ;-;

    2. If you want too say "sorry" you just type: sour eye :3

    3. What?! That's outragous! Not all nonmembers are little kids! I know some nonmembers that are 13! If they want to keep younger jammers safe, then AJHQ should do an age restriction instead of a nonmember one.

  8. The ladybug hat is HUGE! Is that how large the insects are in Jamaa or something? o.o I think both the hat and the real ladybug are equally cute.

    I 100% agree on the Jam-a-Gram thing. It's worse than having no free chat. Apparently, AJHQ said that it is being tested so members only do it. Sadly, the "testing" been there for more than a year, like what Pink said. And every few months, AJHQ takes away more words from being written in Jam-a-Grams which is the most craziest idea AJHQ ever did. I need to say "so way" to apologize and it takes up space! Come on, AJHQ! You know better than this!


  9. Love the lady bug! Wish it was nonmember though....
    I agree on the jam a gram thing. I usually write so Ray but now it won't let me anymore :( -glamdiva101

  10. ik this is random but, four of my rarest rares were scammed by rainbowunikitty i really want my items back to if you happen to see her just be careful

  11. I agree with (almost) all your rants you should really email aj

  12. we need to stop this! if you agree meet me at trading party and than film about it!

  13. I think I found a way for NM's to delete letters in selected jamagram messages. It just won't send it right though.
    (AJHQ), don't read this!


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