Saturday, 30 August 2014

Vine Anklet & Party

Hiya jammers! ^o^
De new item is the vine anklet, which is, as you probably guessed, in Jam-Mart clothing. :p
It looks so AWESOME!! c:
I really wasn't expecting this though. o-o
It's a shame it looks so small on animals though. DX
But now an outfit idea popped into my head just because of a small leg item. x3
I call it Autumn Woodlands. c:
And remember - if i make an outfit with the new item in it that means i really really like it ORRR it's good for making outfits. :P
Has any of you seen some really cool outfits around Jamaa? I once saw one with a diamond crown, some sort of winter jacket and other sparkly stuff on it's paws and neck.  It was human-y but cool. :D
Check below the link for more!
Anywho, here's an item feature on Bongo Drums! c:
Bongo drums
Bongo drums where a nonmember item sold in Coral Corner, somewhere between 2010-2011. Although it was sold in the beta period, it was not beta since it was also available in 2011, which is past the beta times. However, many jammers still mistake it as a beta item.
The bongo drum isn't as wanted as other betas, however it's still very rare and is worth other item released in 2011.

On the other hand, i really want to do a Mystery . . so here it is! ^o^
Do you believe that the ice in Mt. Shiveer is possible to break? 
What is hiding underneath? A seal paradise? A new ocean land? A shortcut?

Share you ideas in the comments! ^o^
The party is over, thanks to everyone who came! :D
And if you didn't make it, don't worry - there will still be more parties in the future! ^o^
Anywho - in the beginning there was only 6 people . . 
But then there was way more! :)
At max, there was around 14 people. ^o^
After that, we went for a ride in the boat . . 
And then we dressed up all fancy shmancy. xD
Great job if you won the trivia rounds! :3
We all had a great time. ^-^
But don't be sad if you weren't there - i will host more parties soon! :D


  1. I am so making it to that party!!

  2. Yeah, the new item looks too small. But it still looks cute!

    I sometimes mistaken the bongo drums as beta because it's just hard to remember when the Coral Corner came out! XP But I think it's still worth anything around or a little bit after the beta times that went on clearance.

    I'll make the story in a little bit! :P


    1. Ok here goes my story....

      Liza arrived at the new land Mt. Shiveer. There was a blizzard and it freezes the poor Panda Shaman. She thought that it won't be a great land for most animals since their own fur might freeze like Liza. Liza decided to lie down on a frozen pond with her blankets to keep warm. She had a hard time sleeping, she only slept for a few minutes and not even an hour passed. The snow storm is still going. There was nothing Liza can do but lie there, still trying to sleep. When her face was glued on the ground, she saw a light through the ice. Could it be someone else who's living here? Is it shelter? She only looked at it a few seconds and went black.

      Part 2 in the making.


    2. Liza woke up out of the storm. She sighed in relief. It's finally over, she thought. Liza heard a noise behind her. After taking a few steps, she saw a seal, staring at her with the light next to it that Liza saw back at the surface.
      "Hello", the seal said in a deep but soft voice. "Welcome to my home, my name is Harper."
      "A pleasure to meet you, Harper", Liza replied. "I'm Liza, the Panda Shaman of Jamaa."
      "Aah, you mean the place with all of those animals that live peacefully?"
      "It's too late now", Harper said. "Those black creatures of darkness will come back."
      "What?" Liza was shocked. "I thought we wiped out almost all of the Phantoms!"
      "Well, you are incorrect", Harper said. "One of them that seems bigger floated away, I have a feeling that he wants revenge."
      "The Phantom King escaped?" Liza said. "I thought Mira stopped him!"
      "You are incorrect again, then", Harper said with no emotion on her face. "You see, I see those black creatures from above this pond of ice on top. I use this piece of ice as a skylight, to see what's going on above because the ice never breaks. But under the ice is clean cold water for me to drink, and an unfrozen pond that covers the layer below the ice. I swim underwater of the pond there to check what's above the ice."
      Liza turned around to see a waterfall, above it is the pond of ice Liza was on during the blizzard.
      "I was alone here for several years and never came out", Harper said.
      "Umm, Harper", Liza said. "Since I found this mountain, can I use this as a new land for our Jammers, I think they'll love cold places like this!"
      "Sure sure, but can I join you in the quest to destroy those annoying black creatures?"
      "Yes and they're called Phantoms. But before you can be a Shaman, we'll need to find your spirit stone."
      "You mean this strange thing", Harper held out a glowing piece of ice, it glows blue or pink like a crystal. Harper knew that what Liza said means something odd or amazing. Liza smiled at Harper and spread her arms.
      "Welcome to Jamaa and congratulations on joining us!"

      I'll conclude the story now! :D


    3. When Mt. Shiveer became a new place for Jammers, they had fun seeing the snow for the first time. Some of them say that they'll live here and some say that they'll spend time here almost everyday. But one problem is that they think there's something underwater the ice. They try to break it but failed. But when they say an entrance with a carved seal on top, they thought that if they break the ice as seals, they'll be able to see what's inside. No one knows that the ice NEVER breaks. Ask Harper and Liza when you see them, they'll tell you all about the truth of the ice. But they'll never tell you how to get inside Harper's home where she starts to get disturbed of the pounding of Jammers.

      THE END

      I hope you enjoyed it!


    4. Heehee! I was at the party. In the first picture, I wasn't there. At the second picture I was Arctic Wolf wearing a mech helmet. On the third pic I was a hyena with an eye patch saying "YARR" but it's fading away. on the fourth pic, I was the rhino saying "I'm so fancy, you already know!" I also enjoyed the Trivia, sadly, most of the questions I didn't know, but I learned stuff from it! :D I enjoyed the party!


  3. Hi, I'm at the party right now! ^.^ I'm the cheetah with a headdress and a purple spike on!


  4. The party is so much fun! :D

  5. I love this party :3



  8. hi guys it katherinez i am at party right now!

  9. btw im the penguin, for those of u at the party.

  10. I'm the bunny on the boat and the horse

    Please make another party soon! :D


  12. Awww I missed it I was getting ready to get a hair cut:(

  13. Darn I couldn't make it to the party :( I Also slept in

  14. for me it was six oclock AM in my house so i totally missed it :(

  15. I wish i could have gone. I was out all day with my family house hunting. :(


    1. I wish I could Of Went to that Party :C It seemed awesome (,(

  16. i cant tell where u live but im 2 hours early than u and 1 day early than u im not in aussie im in malaysia and i miss the party btw its so werid that yr 1 day behind me 0,0

  17. Random story of jamaa (random and weird but meh): 'Plump!" went the blue bird's claw, stepping on the wet dirt. The blue bird's name was Mira, who as a child loved animals. She now was very old, but that didn't change her love for the animals. Mira didn't have anyone to talk to, her parents left her because her world was very dangerous. One day, Mira gathered pieces in the woods, and formed someone for her to hang out with. Mira thought of the name Minner, but then the perfect name came up to her- Zios. Mira filled a bit of her powers to Zios! Mira loved Zios.....

    "Wait!" shrieked Mira as Zios fell down the phantom's well. "NO! Mira..." Zios cried out as he fell downer... and downer... and downer.. "ooooooooooooooo" went a few of the phantoms, inside that well. "Why?! WHY!" Mira sobbed, watching Zios disappear into the wells. Mira was so sad, she decided to take the risk, and pulled down a ladder to get Zios up. Zios didn't manage to climb up, because the phantoms pushed and pulled him as they all went up the ladder, instead! Mira gasped as the phantoms flew through the woods, into Jamaa. The town Mira was left at. "Zios..." Mira looked into the well, and sighed. No sounds. Not even a breathing sound, even if it was as silent as, well, nothingness..

    Mira cried and cried and cried. Not only Zios was lost, but so was her land.. She decided to do what she did to make zios, to make animals. Firstly, she made wolves, pandas, koalas, bunnies, monkeys. They, were called the Alphas. Alphas had pieces of Mira's power, but after giving those powers, Mira was weak. Mira managed to create a world of animals. Not only with wolves, pandas, koalas, bunnies and monkeys, but more other animals. "Gah!" Mira screeched, her body freezing into stone. Mira signed the animals to help her defeat the animals, as she turned fully stoned.������������

    The End.


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