Monday, 18 August 2014

Rare Flip-Flops & Bamboo patch

Hiya jammers! ^o^
Today's rare is the Rare Flip-Flops! Or perhaps the recolored flip-flops would be more fitting . . 
It goes awesomely with the rare sunvisor! :D
But the price is TERRIBLE . . It would make more sense if it where fluffy flip-flops, pawprint flip-flops or high heel flip-flops (yes, those actually exist.) But this is just your everyday blue and red flip-flop! Okay, it might be comfier than average, but it should have been 500 gems. :I
Well, here's the rating! :3
Creativity: 2/5
Price: 1/5
Colors: 3/5
7 out of 15! Not the best rare, but it's okay i guess.
Yesterday's new item is the Bamboo Patch. 
I looked everywhere except treetop gardens! Silly me. :p
It's a nice item, especially if you wan't to make a really big bamboo forest or food if you're making a zoo and you're gonna include pandas or make a really cool combo with the other tiki items . . 
So the simplest items are da most useful. x3
Check below the link for more!
For item feature, im doing the Founder's hat today. ^o^
Founders hat
The founders hat is a member's only land item which is similar to the "top hat" except that it's golden with white stripes. It's often mistaken to be beta, however it isn't officially beta since it was only released *after* beta testing ended - About 18th September 2010. 
It's appearance changed a year or two after.
Founder Hat Mail
Note that it's more smoother, rounder and "3D"
Founder's hats are worth alot and can be found on only a few jammers - they are probably worth other betas or items that came out just after beta testing.

Okayyy, and that's all! :3
Here's a video on how to prevent getting hacked.
I know my voice sounds like a six year old. No rude comments please.
Sorry i paused alot it's my first video with voice. :I
And yes, i have an Australian accent.
I hope it was helpful even though it was short . . 
I really must go now it's 33 minuets past my bedtime. >.<


  1. I was confused where the new item was yesterday. But good thing I found it yesterday, thanks to another blog. :P

    Meh. Recoloured items are ok I guess, but they're already getting old...

    Your voice is not bad. Who cares if someone sounds like a young child? We have low or high pitched voices, depending on our voice box. The video is useful. Hopefully, people will soon know how to prevent hacking.


  2. I love my Founder's hat! I just wish that everybody would stop asking for it when it's clearly not on my trading list... Oh well. They're usually pretty polite and take it well when I tell them no. And you don't sound young, I think your voice is cute! Thank you for the awesome tips!

  3. Cottoncandygal1125718 August 2014 at 13:14

    I've always wanted a founder DD:
    I DONT EVEN HAVE A SPIKE DDDDDDDDD: (I know, not many Jammers have one, but I feel so un rare..)

    Anyways, I love the Bamboo patch, I should probably make a zoo! ^_^


  4. @ Cotton:
    Yup. I don't either.. Eh. .-.

    Actually, I think my dad used to own high-heeled flip flops. Yeah. Weird. O-o
    I bet Liza approves of the bamboo. Oh yes! :)
    Wow, AJ's style sure did change over time! *o*
    Your voice is nice. c: And it's ok if you seemed to you like you paused many times. This is your 1st video with your voice, after all.


  5. I was with her when she was practising! ~Lucky55568


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