Sunday, 17 August 2014

Item Features & New game

Hiya jammers! ^o^
No new item today.
Weird. o.o
Maybe it's in the beta party?
Yeah, but it's not like im gonna stay up two hours. o_O
Well, im gonna start something new called an Item Feature. Im not gonna do it on every post, but only on some. :3
It's gonna be about a chosen item - what the price is, description, etc just in case you need it. ^o^
If you would like me to do one about a certain item, tell me in the comments! c: Don't be shy! :p
Today we have the Mira Statue. ^-^
The Statue in Snowyclaw's den.
The Mira statue is a shiny, elegant statue which portrays Mira, the Sky Mother of Jamaa. It was released near the Beta times - sometime in 2011. It was formerly sold in the Chamber Of Knowledge, but them removed. The Mira Statue can only be received by gifts or trade, there's also a similar item also porttraying Mira called the Ice Bird Statue.
The statue is a copy of the Mira Statue in winter in Jamaa Township. It can only be won in the Forgotten Desert, and it's unclear if it will be coming to stores. Sadly, the name has been reduced to "Ice bird statue" Rather than "Mira Ice Statue" Some jammers might not be able to know that the Blue-Grey Heron is Mira, the Mother of Jamaa.

How did that go? o-o
Well, on a more happier note, the "Coming soon" In the Fun Stuff section has been revealed!
I present to you . . 
The world's hardest game! :O
It might look easy, but it's super hard - i can only make it up to level 4. xD
Go to the pages and visit the FUn Stuff page if you wanna see if you can beat it! :D
Or if you're too lazy, just click here. :P
I really must get going now jammers! Bye! ^o^


  1. Cottoncandygal1125717 August 2014 at 06:06

    Hey! I don't care if there isn't a mew item, Mira statues TOTALLY make up for it ^_^

    I have No idea how much it's worth, so I'm probably Never gonna get one D:

    ~ Cotton, who really loves Mira and Zios


    2. Cottoncandygal1125717 August 2014 at 07:19

      We shall protest.. ):3


      ~Cotton still loves Mira and Zios

  2. I want a Mira statue. AJHQ, dat no ice bird. Dat Mira. But I found the new item! Its the bamboo patch sold at treetop gardens.

  3. The new item is in Treetop Gardens

  4. i own an ice bird statue!

  5. I Looked Around the Stores, there's an Item Called a 'Bamboo Patch' with the New Label in Treetop Gardens.. Maybe that could be it?

  6. Worlds hardest game. Couldn't make it past the 1st level. I gave up. -.- XD


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