Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Branch Antlers & Cool Costumes

Hiya jammers! ^o^
The new item is the Branch Antlers - sold in Epic Wonders. c:
It's very . . Branchy? XD
But it's super cool though. :D You can pretend to be a mythical forest creature or something . . My AJ avatar is sorta mythical. :P
Little thinks her new antlers are cool, but she likes her old ones better. x3
Little what are you doing? o.O
Little, stahp XD
You know i can still see you. :D
Speaking of outfits and such, here's a cool, "neon" nonmember outfit. :p
What you need:
One bow and arrow
An animal . . XD
A headfeather
Freedom leaf braclets
Neck ribbon
Haha, neon stuff always looks cool. x3
Anywho, here's the DE post about the RIM :p
Where did the cool facts go? ;-;
Im not gunna take interest in rare posts UNLESS there are MORE cool facts.
Yes, i luv cool facts :D
Speaking of facts, did you know that a duck's quack doesn't echo and no one knows why? :P
Okay, i have to go now! c:
Play wild! :D


  1. FIRST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also the duck thing is cool and weird and i love the branches i bet i will see them in Sarepia! and first comment again :DDDDD

  2. Cottoncandygal11257AJ19 August 2014 at 06:35


    Best. Epic. Wonders. Item. EVER.

    It's Pawsome! ^_^

    ~Cotton, who now has the power of the Tree within her

  3. This item is awesome! but pricey......... T-T

    1. and it is members only : ( WHY IS THE EPIC WONDER SHOP NOW MEMBERS ONLY WONDER SHOP!!!!

    2. and it is members only : ( WHY IS THE EPIC WONDER SHOP NOW MEMBERS ONLY WONDER SHOP!!!!

  4. Guys, good news! I got the Mira ice statue. Ok that part isn't important but here's the better part: They're renamed "Ice Mira Statue" instead of "Ice Bird Statue". AJHQ UNDERSTOOD US!!! Now peeps will know that it's Mira! :D


    1. P.S.- I'm commenting here because of the post a few days ago about the "Ice Bird Statue" on this blog.


    2. That's great! :)
      I'll write it on the blog sometime. ^o^

  5. Great... I have to re write this whole comment, thanks a lot google sign in >:/. Anyway, this is my fourth time reading your blog I think and I like it pretty well. I came over from AJ Sky blog because Scooter Quit!!! ;(. May Scooter's Blog Rest In Peace.
    Anyway, this is my first comment on here, and if your open to suggestions I have tons.
    Thanks, and as scooter said,
    Happy Jamming!

    1. Welcome to the blog! ^-^
      Of course you may tell me suggestions, Im more than welcome. :3
      Anywho, i hope you have a fun time on the blog!

  6. Actually, a duck's quack does echo, a show called mythbusters tried it out and found it's just a myth.
    Also, those antlers are really cool. wish i could buy them, but I'm nm >.<


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