Wednesday, 13 August 2014

New Things around the AJR

Hiya jammers! ^o^
Sadly, there's no icecream item today. :c
Instead, there's the Flamingo Hat sold in the Summer Carnival.
I liked the icecream items . . but this is okay i guess. ^o^
And this is random, but I LOVE flamingos! x3
Random cool fact: Did you know that flamingos colors change depending on what they eat?
You probably knew that, but it's still cool. xD
Anywho, here's the DE post!
Aww, those drawings are adorable! ^.^
I love the hamster and the cat. c:
If i where Peck, i would need help too picking out the best because the entries are so adorable. x3
On the other hand, new things are coming to the AJR . . 
I have made a brand new "Donations" page, if you would like to support the AJR then scroll down & click the picture. ^.^
And there's also something new coming to the Fun Stuff page . . 
Can you guess what it is? :3
Anywho, i have to go now so bye! ^.^


  1. Cottoncandygal1125713 August 2014 at 05:38

    Hey! Awesome post! ^_^

    I'm guessing the other section is a game section?
    I remember the sky blog had one.. :3

    But for now, THAT HAT IS SO FUNNY! ^___^


    1. I guess so, too. Or maybe a post for making stories; your own Jamaa lore. I love making stories and it would be great if Cloud does it here. I can't post in AJ Spirit Blog (Snowyclaw's blog) to make stories in the Monday Mysteries because my comments are randomly deleted since Snowy added Disqus. I think it's a glitch and it's annoying. I still can't wait until the feature!


    2. @Krazy,
      I already have a Jamaa Lore section! Go to the pages and click "legends" to see some stories by me. :)

  2. Look! Look look look look look look look! Click here!

  3. Are you going to change your comments to disqus or not

    1. Cloud said she won't a few posts ago. She understands that it's easier with Disqus but there are also problems with it like putting your email address in. I don't like sharing my email address besides my email (not email address :P)...


  4. cool :D



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