Friday, 22 August 2014

Otters - Fair or Unfair?

I have had it with the diamond shop animals.
Yep, you heard me.
This makes people want to blame AJHQ straight away, and i feel like that too. But ever wondered why AJHQ is doing this?
Okay, lets have a look.
AJ used to be a free game when it was it was in Beta testing, a period for AJHQ to see if jammers liked the game.
And they did.

So membership was born to keep the game up and running.
Okay, AJ is probably a HUGE company and bigger companies = more money.
Yes, AJHQ probably gets a ton of money in a single day because of the memberships, diamonds etc, but who knows how much AJ is worth?
Plsu, the crew probably need some money for themselves to make a living and stuff.
So the AJ crew might really be desperate for money, or just . . *sigh* I dunno.

I guess we'll never truly know.
But lets focus on otters now.
Released on Thursday, many jammers where devastated as it where sold in the Diamond shop, and let me be honest with you - 10 diamonds is too much for a such a small, cute, simple animal.
Otters are such a loved animal - even AJHQ celebrates them with the adorable videos of real-life otters, so why make such a lovely animal in the diamond shop? ;(
Well, as i said before AJHQ might really need the money. But they're just forcing people to buy diamonds now. Forcing is never good.
You know what they should have done?
Make otters for gems, but add other items to the diamond shop.
There we go.
Perfectly fair, right? 
Yes, AJHQ will get less money for a while that way but gem animals would not hurt once in a while.
So what do you think? Fair or unfair?
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  1. i agree with that last paragraph, Cloud. otters u could really imagine as a gem, non-member animal. it wouldn't hurt to put new items in the Diamond Shop! P.S. first comment!!! :D

  2. Well, we will never really know if AJHQ is being greed or not.They also have to pay for their workers, people who design, mantiance, and a TON of other things. But AJHQ is going kinda crazy with all the dimonds. i get need the money, but the last gems animal was a deer!! i can't even remember the last non-member animal!!!!!!! and the dimonds have gone MEGA crazy.I doesnt hurt to make 1 gems animal.


    1. I think the deer was for gems just because y'know..... Christmas so hopefully there will be a new animal in December that's like the deer.


    2. The last non member animal was a SEA TURTLE, and that was in 2011. Before that were Seals and Penguins, and those both started out as member only. Before those three, the only non member animals were the six original animals: Tigers, Wolves, Koalas, Pandas, Monkeys and Bunnies ... wow, you're right. THAT IS SO UNFAIR> IT"S 2014, PEOPLE. AND THERE HASN"T BEEN A NON MEMBER ANIMAL SINCE 2011, NAD THE ONLY REASON SEA TURTLES WERE NON MEMBER IS SO THAT NON MEMBERS COULD HAVE OCEAN ONLY ANIMALS. Sorry that so much was capitalized ;)

  3. Ya I agree with u on everything they couldn't of made the otter nonmember or member gems... They are way to small to be in the diamond and cost 10 diamonds they could of costed 5 or 7 but not 10 considering aj is a big company they should of had enough money to make it a gem animal:)

  4. Replies
    1. I is livid about otters. they is evil


  5. Cottoncandygal11257AJ22 August 2014 at 04:56

    I'm sorry, but I think this is unfair.
    Buying an otter for 10 diamonds is like buying a pencil for $1,000!

    (-) It's pretty small
    (-) Too expensive
    But I see what AJ is thinking.

    Probably they had thoughts of lowering the price, but since the animal can go underwater, they made it more.

    ~Cotton, who has cut paws because she Had flipped too many tables

  6. I think it's unfair.

    But to think, if they lowered the price of otters, there would probably be a few snotty people in Jamaa Township saying "WE PAYED FOR THOSE" (even though they got them on the FIRST DAY they were out and had every other diamond shop animal. Their parents probably payed for it anyways.). Other people would start raging at AJHQ because they paid their allowances and stuff.

    So there is sadly no way of turning back now

  7. I think it's mostly unfair than fair.

    Why it's fair: The more people pay for diamonds, the more money AJHQ gets. Not only AJHQ needs the money to run the game or for a living, they also use the money to help save real animals, which is more important than a game.

    Why it's unfair: First of all, it is too expensive for an animal that you might get tired on later. They should be diamond sales every few weeks since every month AJHQ brings out new items in the Diamond Shop. I agree, it's like forcing Jammers to buy with a currency that takes time to earn. It's like an ad to attract people and I hate them, fake or not, they're annoying. The cost of diamonds should be 5 for animals.


  8. Buisness is buisness i must say this is fair for SOME member items but not all otter shoukd've been non member gem item stop buying memberships and then they will have to stop selling them SPREAD WHAT I SAY


  9. I understand AJHQ needs the money, but, it won't hurt to make it non member!

  10. Okay. I'm really frustrated.

    First, I think it's actually okay. I don't care what you think, even if you've been non-members for your whole time playing AJ like me. Members gets like one Diamond every Tuesday. Second, not everyone might like everything in the Diamond Shop. Everyone, I know things have been pricey recently, but how many people work in AJHQ?

    Programmers, researchers, the ones who make those pictures on the Daily Explorer. They probably pay Tierny and Brady to do some stuff in front of the camera, whether scripted or not.

    Animal Jam HQ may need the money for a better change! What about all those hackers? They may be getting the money to have better programs that hackers can't hack through! Who knows?

  11. Also, AJ is part of National Geo Kids, and that is part of Nat Geo, which is, like, the best selling magazine in the country of U.S.A.

  12. ya im a nonmember and i have no gem ---- therealbonnie


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