Monday, 4 August 2014

New idea for recolor rares

Im berry happy right now for no reason.
# Cause im happyyyy . . . #
Well today's rare was hidden well . . >:3
The rare monkey hat - sold in the museum shop! ^o^
It's quite nice, but i don't get the point of recoloring. Well, AJHQ can just add new colors, right? I mean, i understand coming up with rares every week is hard, but aren't these colors all a bit basic? AJHQ should make the colors more interesting . . Like patterns, rainbow colors or neon colors.
K, a bit like this:
Yeah . . i know, it's very poorly colored. XD
But picture it in AJHQ's painting style. Much more interesting. :3
The patterns could also be stripes, spots, and more. 
But there should also be pale, simple ones like this:

Hmm, i might email this idea to AJHQ . . But they should also create normal but nicely colored rares once in a while. ^-^
If i don't forget.
Well, time for the rating:
Colors: 3.5/5
price: 2/5
Creativity: 2/5
So that equals to 7.5 out of 10! Pretty good but not quite there . . .

Anyway, the phantom throne and the sports jersey are on celerance. :c
Credit to the Animal Jam Spirit
I don't really care about the sports jersey because i never really liked it (No offense) But im sad about the phantom throne because it was pretty cool. D:
Well to wrap it up, here's the QOTP!
Otters are coming this week . . . 
Are you excited?
Will they be a diamond shop animal, a gem animal or a nonmember animal?
I will rage if they are in the diamond shop.
That's all for today! ^o^




  2. Cloud that's a great idea! :D
    Just recoloring them is too boring, AJHQ should make patterns!
    Also i am gonna SCREAM if the otters are in the freaking diamond shop .. I really hate the flipping, stupid diamond shop -.-

  3. Good ideas but I would like an item with a different design like what they did for the cupcake hats, snowflake capes and real musketeer boots. That's what I would love to see! :D

    I will be mad if they're in the Diamond Shop, even if I might have enough diamonds, because it would be sad to see only a few otters around and one problem is that when I buy an animal they can't buy in the Diamond Shop, they freak out and ask me to be my buddy. I don't buddy random strangers for free, guys! There's a reason why I don't accept buddy requests. I do understand that AJHQ needs money which is why they made the Diamond Shop. But they should take a break from it so Jammers who can't get a diamond card can have enough time to get diamonds before things in that shop that come out and that are worth at least 10 diamonds. Most of my buddies are getting 0 diamonds because of them spending too much but that is because AJHQ doesn't take a break for putting stuff in there and it is attracting way too many people to buy these things and waste diamonds.

    Who knows? Maybe the otter will be only for gems and also non-member because of the seal and penguin! :D


  4. Well, I just want it to be Non Member cause all of the Non Member animals are really not that good so ya!

  5. AJHQ NEEDS TO MAKE NON MEMBER ANIMALS (preferably flying birds and otters) ASAP

  6. they HAVE to be nm !!!

  7. If they're in the Diamond Shop.. e-e

  8. Wow i love your ideas about rare monkey hat look and i agreed with you that rares schould be more interesting color and patterns :)
    I really hope that otter will be for nonmembs too!

  9. I hope they are nonmember gem animals the otters If they are members ok AS LONG AS ITS NOT DIAMOND, But I prefer if they are for nonmembers cuz i feel that they should get a new animal since a long time. IF THEY ARE MEMBER AND DIAMOND SHOP I WILL NOT BE NICE THAT DAY AND I WILL FIRST RAGE THEN WHINE. Also, I like your ideas about the rare monkey hat those ideas are much better than AJHQ's because I do believe that rares should be more colorful and interesting.

  10. Snowyclaws? i have just met a HORRIBLE SCAMMER she scammed my rare rain cloud rare black bow and arrow rare gazelle horns and rare merch helmet. she also has a main account which is starwolves1 i'd like you to put this is your next post btw i'm rooney625

    1. Not being rude or anything, but that's not snowyclaw it's cloudclaw.. only their usernames are similar

  11. oh i forgot i guess

  12. still i did meet a horrible scammer

  13. Well to me it would be fine if the otter was diamonds.As long as it's Non-Member i'm okay with it


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