Saturday, 23 August 2014

Ram Horns & Alpha Portraits

Hiya jammers! ^o^
The new item is the Ram Horns, sold in Jam-Mart Clothing. c:
Unexpected. . . and very curly. o.O
But nice. :3
It's not as curly as it looks in the stores though. :P
But it looks great! ^o^
Does this mean sheep are coming to Jamaa?
Nah, probably not though . . Jamaa only has wild animals, no domestic ones for some reason. >.<
I want cats to be on AJ D:
But then it will ruin the "Play Wild" thing. ;_;
Well, on the other hand, AJHQ has been making these Alpha portrait thingies.
They're nice, but the spinny background thing looks freaky. O_o
Other then that, they're awesome. :3
I just really like how the border suits the Alpha. Bamboo for Liza and wood for Cosmo! ^.^
And perhaps Sir Gilbert will have a stripy border . . Greely a dark, phantom themed one and Graham with gear thingies on the corners and Peck . . Im not really sure about her, but she could have paint splatters. :P
Anywho, round two of Find The Alphas is sadly coming to an end. :c
Tomorrow is your last day to enter if you passed round two! We still need more people to enter so if you haven't entered please do by clicking HERE.
To wrap it up, remember the good ol' days when the Alphas (formerly knows as shamans) and guides visited Jamaa?
I know we meet the Alphas is the adventures, but it isn't the same. The alphas in the ADVENTURES are programmed to speak, they say the same things over and over and it would be lovely to meet the Alphas in character, doncha think? And also the guides. I mean, where have they all gone too?


  1. The ram horns actually look huge and nice on lions. I made a cool outfit for mine! I just love the new item! You can make a demonic animal!

    Oh there's NOOO WAY I'm getting those portraits. Yes, I like the frames but, the Alphas' faces and the backgrounds kinda scare me.

    I love the good old days in Jamaa. There were barely any mean Jammers. AJ became my favourite game during that time and I stopped playing Club Penguin after that. I never saw a Shaman during those days but I seen 2 guides, I think both of them were monkeys...


  2. aww........ i wish i was there and i meet the alphas!

  3. Huh. When i always get a chance to comment, there's only 3 comments or something. Weird. It's like . .
    I never get comments to reply to D:

  4. It kind of looks photo shopped because the speech bubble is green and people aren't screaming,"OMG IT'S GRAHAM!!!!!"


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