Thursday, 12 June 2014

Yay, its an update ^_^

Hey everyone! ^.^
Yes, im back from camp. We went to so many places! It was reeaaally fun. Plus, there was a TV in the bus so we watched a movie when we where going home. Yay. :D
I also took some photos, im gonna ask my parents tomorrow if i can put them on my blog. 
Alright, lets get on with the main subject of the post - The update! :3
Wheeee why do dolphins always have to be so adorable.
Did i mention there's also a new Adventure Base Camp for the ocean ...
Its located somewhere beneath the Eagle adventure sign. I always knew those ladders would come in handy. :P
And here - I guess this is the big portal for all underwater adventures. ^.^
Bubble Trouble is also for all-jammers, which is a really good thing since there hasn't been a nonmember adventure in AGES ...
Well, i checked out the adventure for a little while and it seems pretty cool. c:
Im starting to like this update.
And now i like it even more.
Im quite happy with the new colors, but the "ice blue" isn't a "secret" color anymore, because AJHQ added it to the color palate. But i guess that's pretty fair, because there where some people who didn't know how to get the color. ^.^
Lets move on the the next page ...
The spirit armor isn't really anything new to me since i got it as a monthly member gift .. however, the Spirit Amulet and Tail armor are something new, so pretty cool i guess. C:
Anyhow, AJHQ has made a new contest to go along with all the new colors! ^-^
AJ hasn't had a contest like this in AGES! It's certain that i will be entering. :3
Im gonna work on the contest tomorrow ... you?
And also, lions will be going endangered.
Well i guess i should have been expecting this. So few lions in Jamaa these days ... *sob*
Meanwhile, a weird glitch just happened in the base camp. O-O
Some parts where pure black while others where normal ... first time i ever had this glitch.
On the other hand, here's the question of the post!
What do you think about the update?
Happy jamming!


  1. hi could any of you guys trade me a party hat thanks

    1. Sweetpanda5678913 June 2014 at 07:28

      I have blue and purple. What would you offer for blue? (I'm a bit kind of picky, sorry)
      ~Sweetpanda56789 ( Sweetpanda AJ )

  2. The update is very, very SWEG!

    ~★♣a SWEG biamorawesome♣★~

  3. Sweetpanda5678913 June 2014 at 07:26

    The icy blue colour is not in the palate. It's still a secret. ;)

    1. Sweetpanda5678913 June 2014 at 07:27

      The new adv is awesome btw. :D


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