Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Graham Tiki Statue + Stuff.

For the "Coming soon" thingy, none of you really guessed correctly. That's alright though i admit i kinda made it too hard. :P. So i'll give you another chance! :D
Hint: It's something to do with finding things!
Clues ..? :3
The new item is the Graham tiki statue, making him the fourth one of the series. ^.^
Hehe. Graham's hair looks like a headdress with those lines on them. x3
Speaking of Graham, i think it's time for a normal land adventure. They're just getting so exciting! Especially Greely's Inferno. The end was so exciting . . . And sad, because of the fact that Greely might be dead. :c
Me and my friend once made up an adventure where you discover an ice castle full of ice phantoms which trapped all the Alphas, and you have to solve riddles and stuff like that to get through.
How does that sound? ^-^
Okay . . . Sorry if i bored you with that. 
Abandoning the subject of adventures, here's the DE post! :D
Speaking of art, if you would like your artwork featured in the art blog, send them to!
If you're lucky enough, they might get featured in the main blog too. ^.^
Now for a Jamaa Mystery!
As most of you know, peck appears in the Bunny Party when you hop on the drum . . .
But what's the story behind it all?
Why is she hopping?
What is Peck hopping for?
I cant wait to see all your stories & ideas in the comments! C:
Well, i guess that brings us to the end of another post. 
Bye! ^.^


  1. FIRST! It's the first time I got first so yay me. XD Anyways, why does AJHQ like Tiki statues so much?
    Happy Jamming!

  2. 2nd
    Huh is it a word search? -glam

  3. Something like the Journey Book? Scavenger hunt?
    ~ Royalfeather

  4. Can u draw me a beluga and managee

  5. I think that's the lizard in crystal sands that you have to find in the Journey book.


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