Friday, 3 May 2019

Long time no see

Hiya everyone! So, it's been a really long time since I posted on here. Like, really really long . . i mean, it's 2019 now. Aaand it's been like 5 months since i posted? (oh god that's nearly half a year.)
Anyways, i just want to say im really sorry. For disappearing off the face of earth without saying anything for 5 months. I guess life got all kinda mixed up and stuff (especially with me being in year 10 now, which means . . a LOT more assignments.) and i got *very* sidetracked from this blog and Animal Jam in general. So yeah, i just wanna apologize for not giving a warning, or anything before just randomly disappearing.

To be honest, now that it's been a few months . . i'm not sure if getting back into blogging is the best thing for me? I mean, i love this community and all but it just feels so different now, especially since blogging seems to be dying in general. Plus, it's just very easy for me to be sidetracked from AJ these days so i could disappear for months like before again. I mean, i'll definitely log on eventually, every once in a while, but yeah, i'm not too sure about blogging.

Well, i guess we'll see? Might make another post, might not. I'll (most likely) get back to playing AJ for now though, while i still have free time. (got exams in a couple of weeks, yikes-)

Well . . . Anyways, i guess i just wanted to say hi for now. ^w^



  1. Hi Cloudclaws! I wouldn't say blogging is dying (a new one popped up that's really good-- The Animal Jam Timber, check it out) but do what's best for you! I only blog about AJ because it's fun and I like it, so if it stops being fun for you, it's alright to stop :)

    1. Hi there! Well, i'm glad to hear that there's still new blogs popping up every now and again. :o

      But blogging definitely does feel different for me now. I'm not too sure if i'll get back to making posts, but i'll definitely check out the game and visit the community again once in a while. :D

  2. It’s okay Cloudclaws, everyone gets busy

  3. Animal Jam Timber person here, if you ever get back to making posts I'll gladly feature you on my blog!

    Anyways, have a great day :D


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