Monday, 27 April 2015

Animals Of Jamaa: Otters

Otters are a commonly used diamond shop animal which can go in both land and water. They are some of the smallest animals in jamaa, nearly as small as a bunny. They where first hinted to come out on July 23rd, 2014, and was officially confirmed as the new animal on August 8th, 2014. Many jammers where angry that otters where sold in the diamond shop, however despite this, you will still see them being used around Jamaa. Their default color is dark brown with a paler, lighter brown underside, with black eyes and small white whiskers. They are probably sea otters since they can swim in the saltwater oceans in AJ.
Like some of the older diamond shop animals, otters do have an Alpha called Hudson. He is a short, muscular otter with thick whiskers and a tight collar  around his neck.

Otters have a video featuring them, called "Otterly Fun."
Fun Facts
1. The sea otter is the heaviest member of the weasel family.
2. Sea otters can eat sea urchins.
3. They can dive as deep as 330 feet.
4. Sea otters have  the thickest fur of any mammal.
5. Sea otters can live their entire lives without leaving water.

P.S Remember that the update post will be coming soon!

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