Thursday, 30 April 2015

Sir Gilbert's Story: Part Two

Chapter One
The sky was dark. Lavender - colored clouds swirled above, and thunder crackled and shone through the dark mist. The forest was silent. No birds where singing, no rabbits foraging for food, even the trees weren't rustling along to the wind. No animal dared to make a sound.

"The phantoms are coming . . " Ajax warned, peering out from the opening of the cave.
"What can we do? We're outnumbered."

"We may be outnumbered, but we will all fight as one. Even our enemies and prey will join us. We have to win." Gilbert's tone was filled with pure determination.

A loud shot of thunder made Ajax jump. They're coming . . and they will take over our forest . . 

In reality, Gilbert was terrified. His heart was pounding loudly, and droplets of sweat where on his blazing orange fur. He had no clue how the forest would defeat the billions of phantoms, too big in number for any animal to imagine.

In the corner, Ajax was practicing his battle moves. Gilbert watched him in a corner. He was broad - shouldered and bulky, and Gilbert suddenly felt clumsy and huge compared to him. 

Gilbert decided to look out from the cave opening. He saw a small, black blob in the distance. Is that the phantom king? His heart skipped a beat.

An ear - piercing howl filled the clearing. The sign!
Hundreds of animals  burst into the battle clearing - foxes, snakes, eagles, wolves, and many more arranged into order. They where arranged into lines with a repetitive pattern, although Gilbert wasn't sure which order since there was so many animals. Where's Ajax?
Gilbert peered over the lines. He was in the first line. The first to get attacked. 
Gilbert was worried for his friend.

The small black blob was growing larger in size. Gilbert could just make out a faint cloud of phantoms behind the king.

The phantoms where moving surprisingly fast. Gilbert's legs started shaking. I need to be brave! The forest is in danger!

The phantom king was now one meter ahead of them. Behind it was a humongous cloud of phantoms. 

Gilbert heard another howl. Then all the animals charged into battle. 

To be continued . . 


  1. Pawsome part 2! ^ w ^

    Still mysterious...:o


  2. O. My. Gawsh. This is really interesting. BTW, not trying to be mean, but how 'bout doing your, well, posts? Anyways, this is really cool. ^.^! ~gigglycrafty4.

  3. OMG!!! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS? Have you ever thought of making a "Stories" tab on AJR, because you totally should! You are SUCH a good author, and I LOVE the suspense! Do you read Warriors too?

  4. It's really good, but there is a small grammatical error when you said "where" instead of "were".

    I'm not trying to be mean, just helpful. :D

  5. The story is so intriguing and interesting. It has totally captivated my attention from the start till now. I am anxiously looks forward to what happens next.


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