Friday, 1 May 2015

New Beach House!

Hai!! :3
Yup. Im back 2 doing normal posts again. x3
That doesn't mean im gonna be abandoning Sir Gilbert's story, but over the next few days i will be planning out chapter 2. (maybe even chapter 3!)
Cuz i have a mild case of writers block. ;-;
But before, that, it used to be REALLY bad . . so im finally overcoming writer's block. Yay! x3
Today's the first day of May.

Wait . . congratulations? o-o
*Happy May

You pplz are in spring meanwhile im freezing over here. xD
Well it's not THAT cold outside . . but my house was designed to keep cool in the summer or something, which unfortunately means that my house is very cold during winter. :c
It's okai though. I can just drink hot chocolate XP
(Actually, i rarely drink it cuz im too lazy to make it) lel
Hot chocolate is yummy though. :D
Also, you know that "skin" on the top of the milk when you leave it for too long? Idk what's it called but when i was younger,i used to hate that stuff . . now i love it. XD
It's weird how you like different stuff as you get older. O_O
(Im still never eating olives though . . . they smell disgusting. What if they taste disgusting?) DX

I love spring. So many flowers and . . stuff. XP
Autumn is kewl cuz it's slightly rainy :D
If you write "kewl" on animal jam, the chat changes it to "cool." Or maybe that was if you wrote "kool" :P
It's sometimes annoying because i sometimes WANT to write "kool" or "kewl" instead of just the plain old "cool."

Eeerrrm wow. I sure wrote a lot of random stuff. O_O
But i haven't logged onto AJ yesterday. So today i did.
Turns out . . There was an update! :D
It was small though. 
YAYAYYAY!!!!111 NEW CRYSTAL SA- wait wut.
More plastic stuff? :I
Nevermind. It's only a house. :C
AJHQ, y u no redesign Crystal sands? >:U
Well, ig uess a house is okay. If the house wasn't filled with even more plastic stuff.
Srsly. Whenever AJHQ thinks of a beach, they think of chlorine-filled waters with plastic slides and plastic everything.
But whenever i think of a beach, i think of cliffs and rock pools . . yeh . . rock pools are awesome. :D
If it's a large rock pool, you can see some small fish. I sometimes think about touching the fishes but then im like: "OH NUU WHAT IF THEY'RE POISONOUS?"
So yah. :T
Also, lionfish are poisonous. Or venomous. Idk.
I watch videos on people petting fish like they're dogs. Don't ask XD
Imma try dat with my fish on day :D
(if only i can stop worrying about bacteria and stuff)
Also cliffs. I like climbing cliffs. If they aren't too dangerous or difficult to climb.
(i may be a scaredy cat . . . ehehe . . heh . . )
Also, i don't like overly crowded beaches cuz i feel exposed . . o-o
One time i was walking along side a beach, and i saw pieces of jellyfish or something washed up on the shore. Eww.
(they looked disgusting) -_-

Also, the reason i hate chlorine is because my eyes get puffy and irritated whenever it comes in contact with it D: 
Also, goggles leak. All the time.
One case i had pinkeye because of the chlorine. :I
So basically just . . 

(salt also kills most pathogens . . maybe . .  why not salt?)
I refuse to call them germs. >:U
I generally hate the word "germs" in general, idk it just sounds bad so i try to use "bacteria" or "virus" or as i said above, "pathogen."
Pathogen is more accurate in general cuz it's referring to stuff that cause illness.
But germs mean ALL microorganisms. so yah. 
. . . 
(perhaps pathogen and germ mean the same thing . . not sure)
I also hate the word "microorganism" because it's all mixed up and jumbled up.
Whoever named these things  . . *applauds sarcastically*

wooow cloudclaws, you where meant to be talking about beaches, and now you're talking about whether to name them "germs" or "pathogens."

*applauds sarcastically again*

Well then, let's see a preview of this den. :D
Eh. I guess it is a good place to have vacation. Still looks a bit artificial or plastic to me. :T
Also, the pool. It probably has chlorine in it. EW.
But other than the artificial - ness and plastic - ness, and the chlorine pool, it's a nice den. :3
Also it isn't horribly gigantic, like the greely den. *glares*
I might buy it. Maybe. Idk. :T

Probability of me buying this den has gone up by 20%. There's a 70% probability i might buy this now.
Im probably gonna buy it :3
But im gunna decorate it was plants so it looks more like a beach. ^-^
(i believe that beaches should have sand dunes, cliffs, and rock pools in them in order to be a beach.)

Well moving on, let's check out the new item! :3
"Lily of the valley?"
Sounds like a very interesting name . . :3
Also, it looks pritty and beautiful.
Im going to google this flower up. ^-^
Omg :O
They look even prettier IRL. :3
I just learned that they where highly poisonous. ;-;
That's a shame cuz they look so perfect. Like statues or something. Idk.
AJHQ made them look sorta dull in color, but in reality they're as white as puffy clouds. ^-^
I love clouds. Which can be seen by reading my username. X3
I basically like all sorts of clouds. Even storm clouds. Storm clouds look so dark and gloomy though . .  . .  o-o
That's what i like, i guess. Sometimes you think that fluffy clouds are too perfect and beautiful and you just want to see storm clouds. :3
Well for me, it's like that . . idk.
As long as the weather forecast doesn't say there's a tornado coming or something. O_O
(there's never tornadoes here anyway though . . )
I like lightning, but i hate thunder.
Whenever there's lightning, i go up to the balcony and watch. But whenever there's thunder, i just curl up in the laundry room ;-;

Lel. Why r we talking about clouds.
We shud be talking about flowers. XD

My favorite flower is a daffodil. But sometimes they are waaay too yellow and bright. I like snowdrops. They look very winter-y. ^-^
I liek snow :D
Which is usually why i prefer the color white over black. Also why i like white, puffy clouds. :3

I keep talking about clouds. -_-

whyyyyy dooo i get off topiiiiicc aaaalllll the tiiimeee

^ Did any of you actually understand that? XD

I liek flowers.
*explosion of flowers*

Some people don't like flowers. :T
I don't rlly get why. 
(no offense if you don't like flowers, cuz everyone is allowed to have opinions here) :3

The bouquet looks way too mixed up. I prefer nonmember one.

Stahp making one nm, one not cuz it's rlly annoying. >:U

^ That spelling though . . . XD


Well anyways, you probably noticed the new change to the tabs.
I put all of the pages for easier navigation, and so that new viewers can see all the pages. ^_^
What do you think? Does it look ugly or jumbled up? :I
Or does it look fine?
Cuz i haven't decided.
And i need your opinion to whether keep it like this or not. c:
(cuz i have no idea . . )

Moving on, let's check out the "jammer snaps" winners! :D
Snaps: Lions 
Those are some AWESOME snaps.
Best i have seen so far.
Gud job everyone :D
I love how there's "lion" written in torches. It must have costed lots of gems to make that. O_O
Also,  the lion pride looks bootiful. :3

I think lions are RAWRsome (sorry pun stealing) but on AJ, they made their chins far too big. I would use it more if their chins where smaller. :I
Other then that, idk why people don't use lions.
I think they look RAWRsome. ^_^ (sorry pun stealing again)
*derpy face*

Well to celebrate lions, here's an RAWRsome (omg i should stop) fact! :D
Females do the majority of the hunting in the pride.
So basically male lions just sleep and be lazy. XD
Just kidding. I don't know if they actually do that. :P
I think we should be able to have female lions on AJ, Sure, they might not have the amazing manes of males, but their faces are more beautiful. :3
^ You probably think im weird for thinking that females have a more beautiful face. :T

Well unfortunately, that's all i have for now! :3
Bye for now!


  1. My father is about to buy me 10 diamonds so I can buy the beach house :D
    I looked at it, and there's a epic cliff-like thingy with epic sights. I wuv it x3

  2. I totally WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV WUV(a million more wuvs) the ocean thingy. Becuz there's a island. And I wuvvvvv islands. ~gigglycrafty4

  3. Yay replying to my own thing

    What happened to my avatar there? O.O
    And I got da beach house :D Ppl can go check it out, I always keep my den unlocked c: My username ish Silvermeows :D


  5. Sorreh it was a creepy stalker dude following me xD
    He said that he loved me and wanted to marry me o.o Just scared he'll find mehhh
    Opening dennn xD

  6. Hey C.C, do ya remember me? You should, cuz of my nickname for you. Well, I think beaches are cool, but I like pools better. I'm gonna be on swim team, and swimming in pools is easier for me to practice swimming in. Oh, and btw,it's snowflakes, not snowdrops. And I agree with you, rainstorms are totally awesome. And also, I think the new header title thingy is cool with all the stuff there. Very nice XD Well umm I just wanna say how much I TOTALLY LUV YOU!! YOUR SO FREAKING AWESOME AND UR MY ROLE MODEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok peace out homies. :D And btw don't listen to that hater who said you cant type or that your five. I think you kick butt. Ok bye C.C

  7. This post is so random! XD

    (I love it.)

  8. Yay! I'm SO GLAD you made a legend tab!! I'm gonna read them ALL!


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