Wednesday, 13 May 2015

See you a few days later!

Hey jammers!
My posts have been very scattered lately, mainly due to school. I have been really exhausted lately, so i haven't been able to post every day. :c
Honestly, i think it would be best for me to stop posting altogether for few days. I could continue, but the posts would be more boring/rushed. After the break, i will probably be back to my normal schedule. Im not sure how long it will last, but it'll probably be around 3 days at the least, and a week at the most. See you later! ^-^


  1. Darn it, there goes another AJ blog. : (

  2. Okie dokie yup got it! :T


  3. I don't think your posts are boring, Cloudclaws! But anyway, I hope to see your post again soon!

  4. HEY GUYS! CLOUDCLAWS, IT'S YOU FROM AJS, I ALWAYS WONDERED WHAT YOU DID! Since you never wrote on AJS I mean. Okay so...

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  5. Exactly, all AJ blogs are being disrupted now:(


  6. I like your posts, they are not boring D: Once I almost fell of the chairrr xD

  7. Awesome Post! I love this blog!

    By the way, I wanted to mention that I have my own blog! Maybe some of you could check it out! It would mean a lot.



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