Sunday, 24 May 2015

Im sick :I

Well, since winter is here, i keep getting sick. :C
I COULD post, but it would be just boring and rushed, because honestly im not in the mood for it. Im really sorry about this. :C I promise to try to post tomorrow though! :3


  1. I hope you feel better over in my place its getting too hot cuz summer is coming at least its not scorching at your place bye :-)

  2. Feel better, Cloud! Hope your winter doesn't become TOO overwelming C:


  3. Wow, it is becoming summer where I live, too. Anyway, feel better SOON SOON SOON, because I ALWAYS look forward to your hilarious and entertaining posts! ( Plus, I don't like when ppl are sick, but I am sure you already knew that, cuz I am at least HALF normal!) Again, feel better SOO SOO SOON! Jam On! Oh, and don't forget to check out my blog, The Weekly Jammer News! Bye!

  4. It's Autumn where I am.
    And it's pretty cold already. I:T

  5. And your blog name thingbsays happy spring still. ):/ Do something about it OR ELSE I'LL SPAAAM RAWR. (Not really but just type alot in 1 comment :P)


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