Sunday, 10 May 2015

Spring Flower Bracelet

Hai! x3
I told you that i would have more detailed posts on the weekend. But, this weekend is just one of those busy weekends, so im sorry if this post isn't that interesting either. :c

Lately, i have had difficulty posting, and im a bit confused if you guys want no posts, or daily posts which of some won't be as interesting as the others. :I
Soo . . what's your opinion on this? ^-^
(lol is dat a weird question)
(hopefully dat question doesn't sound weird)
(for some reason i ask weird questions all the time) :T
. . . 
Weeelll, let's check out da new item then! :D
This time it's actually in Jam-Mart furniture. ^o^
Meh just another memb- OMG IT'S NONMEMBER
It's actually happening. :O
it's beautiful
*throws confetti*
I have no idea why i am reacting like this just cuz it's nonmember. :D
Maybe it's because the normal flower bracelet is member, but THIS one is nonmember! C:
Unfortunately, the nonmember one is more expensive than the member one. 
. . . 

What sort of flower is this though? All i see is  a random spring flower. XD
(maybe that's cuz it's what it is)
But it has to have a species . . right? :3
Remember chomper plants? Those things don't actually exist.
So these might be made up. :c
It's okai though. I liek made up species. :D
Remember those gigantic clovers from the lucky day adventure? o3o
lol remember dat.
I called them Trifolium corde magno, with the help of Google Translate. XD
(It means Great Heart-shaped clover in Latin cuz everyone uses Latin.)
Why is latin to difficult. :T

Why do scientists even use latin?
It's so difficult. Also no one uses the language anymore. Except for scientists.
Why not call everything by their common names? Then everyone would be happy, and no one would be confused. C:
Maybe it's to classify the species better. Idk.
Common names are gud.

I want 2 see how dis bracelet looks like on your animal avatar. C:
Nice. :D
In fact, it looks better than the normal flower bracelet.
It might be expensive, but it totally pays off. :D
Im gunna be wearing this to celebrate spring cuz spring is awesome. x3

Speaking of spring, you probably noticed the new blog header when you came to the blog! :3

(nu more header changes for the rest of spring) c:
Yeh . . what do you think? :D
Well i basically added the graphics onto a lighter, more cheerful background cuz spring is cheerful. :3
Buuut, i like how this header looks, so do you think it should be permanent, or is the old one better? c:

Episode 3 of the Dawn of the alphas! :D
Episode 3 – Rise of the Phantoms

The phantoms came through dark portals and they quickly spread through the uninhabited regions of Jamaa. Wherever the Phantoms went, they left a trail of spoiling destruction. Rivers were polluted, trees became bare, and the air was thick with noxious fumes. The Phantoms consumed everything in the environment and gave nothing back. They leveled entire villages the animals had built and left the entire civilization in pieces.

Because animals were spread out in isolated villages, the Phantoms easily conquered these villages one by one. The animals soon discovered that if the Phantoms reached a Heartstone, they could imprison the animals of that species inside it! Each time the Phantoms captured a Heartstone, an entire species disappeared from Jamaa.

Mira and Zios watched in horror as the Phantoms spread throughout Jamaa. As guardian spirits, it hurt them to see the land they loved become corrupted, and they knew they could bring Jamaa back to life if the Phantoms were repelled. In time, they could make the skies and waters clear again, and if they could recover the lost Heartstones, thousands of animals could return to Jamaa. As time drew on, however, the Phantoms threat grew only more fearsome and unstoppable.

Nuuu phantoms! D:
But . . In this story AJHQ is just being liek: o look here are some phantoms no one knows where they came from lol

If no one knows, then how come in the older story, it EXPLAINS how phantoms are made? :I
Is AJHQ a liar?

Orrrr as i said earlier . . 
Da story of how the phantoms came is too deep for younger kids. :T

I though pollution and stuffz didn't exist in Jamaa. But it does.
In the form of phantoms. ;-;

Wait wut.
Don't Mira and Zios have the power to defeat the phantoms? Maybe they can attack the phantoms if they are so sad about their land being lost . . ?
DO SOMETHING, MIRA! OR ZIOS, or . . whatever. XP
Maybe that's impossible or something cuz the phantoms put a curse? idk.
AJHQ, i need moar details plz.
I love details. c:
That probably sounds creepy. C:
*creepy smile*

Well to end the post, here's the QOTP! :D
How exactly do you think the phantoms came?
Bye for now! ^-^


  1. Nice cover title for the blog! :3

    Spring flowers, clover shaped-trees...what other plants?I don't really read the stories now because I have the guide that has the full story :T

    How the phantoms came? Ehhh, I know! ( runs to get insiders book ) Oh wait, I dunno where it went Dx Anyways, I think they came because they were jealous of the wonderful land and animals, so they decided to show who's the boss :c BEGONE PHANTOMS!


  2. Time for some yodeling ; O ;



  3. Ok, this is my theory about Jamaa's history
    Long ago there was a creature named Zios.....he built Jamaa and Mira....then he vanished....Mira's tears became the phantoms but she didn't realize what she did until the phantoms started capturing heartstones which caused many species to be trapped in prisons similar to the Great Escape. Every once in a while a species escapes and returns to Jamaa and Mira realized what happened and summoned the Alphas from far away lands. The Alphas came and banished the phantoms with the help of the remaining animals...THE END

  4. The phantoms came because when Liza was having a fit she screamed too loud and the phantoms got mad.

  5. I love the new header and you should do daily posts but with a little bit less of randomness that is off topic:)

  6. Yes, me too, the header ROCKS! And I think we all agree that a random post is better than none! Although, I am pretty random myself, so I don't mind getting off topic! And my theory about Mira and Zios being powerless is this: I think they need all the animals' happiness and strength to power THEIR powers! So basically, what I am saying is, Mira, Zios, and the animals of Jamaa need to work together to be powerful! You get what I am saying? I hope so... Lol! And my theory about the PHANTOMS is: I think that the original story, of Mira 's tears creating them, is true. But wait... then Zios wouldn't be in this story... HE WOULD BE DED!! :0 You may be right Cloud, maybe AJHQ IS lying! Or maybe they just forgot about their original story. Either way, IT BAAD! Except the Dawn of the Alphas story though, that story ROCKS! Well, BOTH rock! XD!

    (P.S. I do REALLY long comments, don't I? It's weird, on here I do, but on the Animal Jam Community Blog, they are, like, 2 sentences!!)

  7. Lol the Phantoms in this story remind me of humans that work in industrial developments. No one likes a polluted land near factories. :P



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