Monday, 4 May 2015

Rare Winged Shoes

Hai! :D
I have to hurry up cuz i only have 30 minutes to post. D:
 .  . Wait, that's a long time. Nevermind. XD
Well, i hope today's new item won't be creepy like those . . *shudder* ghost alphas. o-o
Today is RIM. Which usually means a boring recolored items with colors that do not match.
Maybe it's a good rare! C:
. . . I doubt it.
Time to get prepared for another recolor . . 
(I actually thought it was Wednesday today because it didn't feel like Monday at all.) *logic* XD

*logs onto AJ sadly*
*sadly goes to jam-mart furniture*
o it's not in here
*sadly goes to jam-mart cl-*

*runs away*
I'll just check the store from my animal avatar . . heh . . 
(then i won't see da terrifying ghost alphas) O_O
*sadly clicks the jam-mart clothing button*

At least we know it's a . . *groan* recolor.
y u do this AJHQ
*sadly clicks the next page a few times*
 Lavender and dark purple! Niiiiiccee B)
But dark purple and green? Meh. It creates contrast. But AJHQ used the color in the wrong place, so it looks sorta . . sickly? Unpleasant? blergh.
I think the rare should have had green wings and lavender on the top of the soles. I think it would have looked better. :3
But logic . . if you wore this, you wouldn't be able to see the green cuz it's on the top of the soles. sooooo uhm.
Idk. :I
There's also a pleasant light orange on where the wings are connected. I think AJHQ should have used that bootiful light orange more. C:
Speaking of oranges, i recently ate and orange and accidentally squished it and the juice got all over my shirt. :D
*everyone starts applauding sarcastically*
Oranges aren't light orange though. They are orange. C:

Hmmm . . . this recolor deserves a redo! :D
*opens up paint*
*ppl look at me* SRSLY? PAINT?!

Yes people, Paint. Im using Paint.
Today i decided to do no fancy patterns since that always failed.
Well this thing just turned out to be worse. :I
Im gonna vomit . . *gag*
Uhhhh okay, what about i just . . 
Nothing to see here! Just rainbows . . PRETTY RAINBOWS

. . . Not working, isn't it? :T
Well what about AJHQ just makes a RIM called "rainbow."
It's a picture of a rainbow. If you buy it, the rainbow will stay with you for eternity and even if you try to take it off, it won't come off. Muahaha >:D
That would actually be a decent rare compared to all these recolors. XD
Also, it would attract lots of creepypasta stories about . . THE HAUNTED RAINBOW!
*dun dun duun*
(woow so scary, a rainbow)

This is wut happens when you finally overcome writers block. Your imagination goes all over the place :I
I have a very weird imagination . . since i have weird and disturbing dreams all the time.
y u do this, imagination? DX

I shud rate this RIM. :3
Price: 1/5
Creativity: 1/5
4 out of 15.
*applauds sarcastically*

AJHQ, plz stahp doing recolors and do an actual rare. DX
Maybe this item looks better on an animal?
It just looks like any other colored item. :T
Why do recolors look like a normal colored item? o-o
Maybe it's cuz they actually ARE normally colored items.
Well moving on . . did chu like those cute animals on yesterday's post? C:
Im not gunna be posting GIFs, but animal pictures instead, because i have basically put every single GIF on the internet on this blog. o-o
New GIFs are hard to find. :C
Well instead of cute animals, why don't we do . . 
Funny, AND cute? :D

bunnehs are so cute
cats are cute
Speaking of bunnies, what about an awesome bunny fact? :D
When rabbits ‘binky’, this is an expression of joy. They will run, jump into the air, twist their body and flick their feet.
The picture above is a rabbit doing a binky. :D
I think binkies are adorable. I think i do binkies as well sometimes. Well, when im happy i just hop around the house . . is that a binky? XP
Does anyone have a pet rabbit here? :3
I want to have one. But my parents don't really like rodents.
Guess what?
Here's another fact.
Rabbits are not rodents. They are lagomorphs (which is a type of mammal.)
Was that second fact more interesting? XP
I think i should have posted that fact first.
But generally, my parents won't let me have anything that looks like a rodent. :I
I basically want every pet. XP
I want a huuugee goldfish tank, 2 more betta fish, a bird, maybe a FANCY rat, a guniea pig, dog, cat. I LOVE DEM ALL! :D
(But i probably wouldn't be able to take care of dem all)

Well moving on, let's check the DE post! :D
It's just a RIM post. -_-
Rare Item Monday: Rare Winged Shoes 
Da pic is not even animated. :T
Uhmm i don't really know what else to put on this post and im running out of time . . 
Sorry if this post was terrible and boring, but i have to choose school over the blog DX
I do love to blog . . but school is important. Im so sorry :C
Bye 4 now!


  1. Lol the Pictures are so funny! Also the colors of this RIM is the same colors as the fancy shoes RIM Purple & Green

  2. *Gasp* It's Herme's shoes! Someone check to see if they are cursed.

  3. Meh. Bad rare.


    *giant pause*

    This is strange...


    1. At least THIS one is better then the :shudders: Football Helmet..... or the :shudders again: The RARE FANCY SHOES!!! I hate those shoes, they too awkward looking and look too LONG, like CLOWN SHOES! Just sayin'.....

      P.S. Please, nobody cause a big rant cuz of this!

  4. I like the third one that's definitely the way my looks after blueberry pie I eat it up and then my lips are all blue and I sometimes have blue aprund my mouth

  5. Lol! Love the pics! I also LOVE your recolor of the Winged Shoes!!! They look kinda like TWILIGHT FROM MLP!!! I love Mlp, yes, and please, don't judge me. Although... what the heck with the " Rainbow" RIM idea.....

  6. XD :) C: :C :( ;-; 0.0 O-O :D D: =,( =)
    I love emotes. LOL!


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