Saturday, 2 May 2015

Play Wild + Feather Earrings

Hai everyone! ^-^
It's finally Saturday. Yey. :D
I basically spent the whole day trying out new headers for the blog, and liked none of them. :T
Which is probably why you saw the header change randomly a few hours ago. I think it looked too mixed up and dark. Idk :I
So i just switched back to the old one. XP
However, i did manage to make the background less stretchy and pixelated. No idea if any of you noticed though. :P

I hate it when images go pixelated when you're trying to make it bigger. :I
It just ruins EVERYTHING DX
Why can't other programs be more like photoshop, where the images don't get pixelated when you enlarge them? :I
Actually, they still go pixelated. XD.
Buutt, they don't get so pixelated that they're basically 8 pixels. :P
Why is blogger underlining "pixelated" in red? I think that's a word . . :I
If it isn't, then i don't care. It's still a word, according to meh. XP

Sometimes youtube videos are liek, 8 pixels.
How many pixels does an average computer have? o-o
Time to google that up :D
"If a screen is around 1280 x 2024 then that's 1,310,720 pixels."

That's such a big number that i don't know how to pronounce it. Is it . . a million - something? XP
lel im so bad at numbers . . 
When im at school and the teachers like: PRONOUNCE DA NUMBER >:U
Im just like: uhhhhh one trillion billion something?
Then the teachers r like: NO ARE YOU STUPID OR WAT

Well, if i feel like actually doing maths (which is rare) i might get it right.  :3
But as i said above, that is berry berry rare. :c
Btw i liek saying "berry" instead of "very." XP
Well anyways, let's check out the new item! :D
It's not sold in the diamond shop by the way. :P
Can you guess which shop it's sold at? XP
You probably all can guess. So im not gunna tell you. xP
(chu can guess though) o3o

Uhmm yeaaah i sorta didn't know about yesterday's OTHER new item. o-o
I just thought it was those lily of the valley flowers, but NOPE. 
There was about 3 new items yesterday. O_O
AJHQ must be feeling tired now. Or maybe the new items where released before that, and i didn't know because i was writing Sir Gilbert's story. :T
This item looks amazing in the shops. :D
Can you guess how it looks like on animals?
I mean, it doesn't look terrible, but it looks fair too big and curved. :T
Why do items that look bad in the shops look good on animals, and items that look good in the shops look bad on animals? o_o

Well, this item doesn't look bad, but as i said, it just looks . . 
Most items on AJ look sorta awkward in my opinion. XD
Maybe it's because they are 3D-ish and 2D and the same time? The animal avatars are like that too . . You cannot tell if they are 3D or 2D. O_O
On the true or false game, animals look more smoother and 3D. I think the animals shud look liek that when out of the game as well. ^-^
If AJHQ, is 2 lazy to do dat, then maybe they can just erase the shading. The shading looks so weird on the animal avatars. O_O
Wait, im actually gonna erase the shading on photoshop paint to see how it actually looks like. :3
Shout-out to random black bunny for being random. :D
It actually looks smoother and more 3D. o-o
However it looks sorta blank and unprofessional at the same time. :I
Maybe it's because Microsoft Paint is an unprofessional programm. XD
AJHQ shud just keep the shading. XP
(because otherwise it looks even more unprofessional)

About 2 years ago, animals on the username profiles also had the weird shading. But they got smoother and more 3D after a while. Do you think that will happen to the avatars? ^-^
I hope so. It looks gud :3
Also, AJHQ knows how to do 3D stuff cuz remember Play Wild . . ? :D
Speaking of Play Wild, i found this random picture of a wolf sun-baking in Crystal sands. xP
No idea why im posting this.
But i think why is because of the different perspective.
Unlike on AJ, you get many different perspectives on Play Wild. I think that's what's awesome about the game. ^_^
Also, notice the "coming soon" in the background? That building is where Captain Melville's juice hut is, so the juice hut is probably going to come to Play Wild. :3
But maybe it's an entirely different building? Since some things are different on "play wild." Maybe instead of a juice hut, there's a . . smoothie hut? XP
I prefer smoothies over juice. C:
Smoothes are slightly mushy with lots of different fruit. Different fruit mixed up together = gud
Maybe it's a juice hut, but it sells more types of drinks. Idk. XP

You know dat annoying mooment when your fruit juice has too much sugar in it? -_-
I hate it. Cuz you can't get the taste of the fruit. :C
(also sugar makes me very hyper and suddenly very depressed afterwards)
Sugar is yummy. But it makes you hyper.
sugar y u make me hyper
stahp it


You guys are starting to get super bored right now. O_O
Probably. meh. idk. XP
Here's moar play wild pictures for entertainment. :D
Jam-mart furniture looks enchanted . . :O
If only the Jam-mart furniture on AJ looked like this. Then i would visit it far more cuz it looks enchanted and epic. :3

Moar crystal sands. Yus.
Unfortunately, it still has those plastic slides DX
Plz don't go crazy. More crystal sands. XD
At least it's a good quality picture. XP
Moving on, here's an awesome Aj academy post! :D
One problem though . . 
1. I don't have permanent markers of different color.
2. The milk jug is not empty yet.

Actually that's 2 problems. XD
So i can't do this thingy anymore. :C
But what happens when light shines through them though? Do they light up or glow or something? Cuz i have no idea. XP
I think it's gonna look amazing because glowy/light up stuff looks amazing in general. c:
I have this glass thingy that has a bug inside it, and it glows in the dark.
Don't ask. I brought it when i was little and i was weird when i was little. :I
(maybe im still a bit weird today)
I think that "lolz" means that you laugh yourself to sleep. I didn't do that, so why did i type it? XD
Is it actually possible to laugh so hard that you fall asleep? XP
I do know that laughing too much can kill you. O_O
. . . . 
But only if it's like WAAAAY too much.
That's still freaky though. 
Does anyone else laugh even if the joke isn't funny just cuz the person laughing is laughing?
Idk if that makes sense . . 
But probably not. It's like a mirror effect or something, i guess. Like you know when someone yawns and you also yawn? XP
It also works with animals as well. My fish yawned and i couldn't help yawning back XP
It's weird how every animal yawns in a slightly different way. O_O
Well, to finish the post off, here's an awesome fact about cats! :D
82 Astounding Facts About Cats 
Cats are usually lactose intolerant, so milk is bad for them.
I actually knew dis a while ago but i just decided to post it. XP
Who created the myth that cats drink milk? Did some random guy decided to put milk in front of a cat, the cat ate it and he announced to the whole world: GUYS GUESS WUT!! CATS CAN EAT MILK!!!

And then everyone like: YAAAY LETS GIVE OUR CATS SOME MILK!!!
Aaaand that's how it went. XP
I have to go now, so bye! :D


  1. Aww you changed the banner a bit:)

  2. I use gimp and I haven't noticed the image getting pixelated when I make it bigger

  3. Oh and

    1. Yah . . i know about Naya and stuff but i thought it would be copying Snowyclaw since i got the llama thingy from her. o-o
      Not saying you're copying, but i still feel guilty even if im not copying. XD (it's weird idk)

    2. No I don't care about the Naya I care about the second paragraph on the right saying the due date for play wild!

  4. Oh. Em. Gee. I totally never knew that milk was bad for cats. And I never get to go on Play Wild anymore, cuz the screen goes black. ~gigglycrafty4

  5. I use dem photoshop .o. Stuff gets pretty blurry and messy for me when I make stuff bigger in it, I like to use Paint in resizing, then place it back in photoshop xD

    My cat is getting married right nao c: Derp. I mean, me and my friend in AJ randomly talked about stuff and then I started singing Love Story by Tailor Swift.. Then suddenly "I want to marry Silver!" XD So my kitty is gettin' married. I'm animating it xD

  6. I don't mean to be rude but these posts are getting quite TL:DR with the randomness.

    1. I thought most people liked these longer posts, however if it's too long for other people then i'll do less text on some other posts. ^-^

  7. Yeah I saw the blog header change and I was like "what"?! XD


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