Thursday, 21 May 2015

Enchanted Earth & New Item

Hai! ^-^
(im probably gonna start doing earlier posts) ^-^

Is today update day? 
Hopefully. :O
I guess the only way to find out is to log on! :3
Wow. Why am i so eager about updates? XD
*logs onto AJ*
Nu updates?! DX
Well, that means there's gunna be an update next week hehe :D
(dat face tho) XD
Meh. Let's check out the new item. :T
*goes to jam-mart furniture*
No new mechanical item? o_o
Is the mechanical set really . . finished?
It's done?
That was the last item? :c
*more disappointment*
Im even more disappointed now. DX
Weeeelll, i gues it's okai.
Cuz then that means . . 
muahahaha :3
Im hoping the uhm . . wait.
I forgot what the options for the den item contest where. O_O
I think i voted for mechanical though. yey. x3
Cuz mechanical stuff is cool. But have you noticed that Jamaa's technology has really become  . . advanced?
First, the space thingies which use advanced technology, and the mechanical items, which also use advanced technology.
Uhm, so is it a good thing, or a bad thing? :T
I think it's both good and bad. Wait, im actually not sure. Does technology cause pollution? idk. This is a game anyway, so it's immune to becoming polluted. :3
. . . Except from the phantoms.

By the way, i think confuzzled is starting to become an official word, cuz ppl are using it more.
(it's a mix between confused and puzzled)

wow. So much text. XD

Well, since there's nothing in Jam-Mart furniture, i guess our only option is Jam-Mart clothing . . so off we go to JMC! :3
(dat stands for jam-mart clothing) XP
YAY! IT'S A LASSO TO . . Lasso stuff with? XD
Isn't it spelt lasoo? Well, blogger underlined that in red so i guess it's lasso. :T
No idea why i though it was "lasoo"
Maybe it's cuz i don't often spell the word much. o3o

I remember this item. x3
It's a RETURNING item, and after that, other cowboy items randomly come out in the clothing shop.
So i shud be prepared for random cowboy items. xD
At least you can make an awesome costume out of that. :D

Well, im going to buy the lasso in case more cowboy items DO come out. :T
*wears lasso*
Why is it just randomly spinning around and around without gravity pulling it down or something?
. . . Creepy.
But then again. this IS the bunny who breaks the laws of physics. x3
The spinning animation is broken though.
Does she have the power to make animations "broken?"
idk XD
. . .Wait.
I have only tested this lasso on the bunny, so does it randomly spin around without falling on OTHER animals? O_O
Let's find out! *DUN DUN DUUUN* :O
Well the lasso DOES defy gravity no matter what.
. . . 
. . Or maybe it's just cuz AJHQ decided that if the lasso didn't move, it would be boring so therefor they made it rotate around and around repeatedly.
Yeah. That's the most logical explanation. XD

But who knows?
Maybe the lasso really IS magical. Or maybe it's magical cuz of the bunny who breaks the laws of physics. :3

Well, anyways . . chu know about the Enchanted Earth series?
Well, i found a picture showing ALL of the animals in it. :D
Not sure who took it though, or where exactly it's from. :T
But yey . . still awesome! :D
On the left, we can see Naya which already has been revealed, but the rest are sorta unknown. Well, they're not FULLY unknown, but you know . .their names, personalities and stuff. xP
Most of them seem to have a similar pattern, but they have different colors. c:
It looks like it's mainly for girls though . . i think that's sorta unfair. :I
But, look in the AJ logo. It says "series 1" so, there will probably be new series! :D\
What will the new series be about though? Maaaybbeee . . a mechanical series or something? xP
What about robot animals? ;D 

Are these plushies, or actual avatars? Cuz im sort of confuzzled. :T
Probably plushies though. x3
*does more research*
yeh they're plushies c:

Why is blogger underlining "plushies" in red?
*clicks ignore*

YUS no more red underlining. :3
Wait. I have an idea :O

What if these animals represent the different elements? :D
Naya represents flowers, blossoms and stuff like that.
The penguin represents the oceans/lake.
The wolf represents the sky/air.
The seal represents plants or trees.
And the bunny represents light.

What do you think? It's pretty cool if you think about it. :3
Or maybe the bunny represents sand. But it's probably light, cuz it looks like it's glowing.
And since the Enchanted Earth series is all about nature, here is an awesome GIF i found! :D
Hmm . . it's sort of hypnotizing in a strange way. @_@
And to end the post off, here's the QOTP! ^-^
What do you think about the Enchanted Earth series?
Bye for now! :D


  1. Lol! I plan on making a cowboy outfit for my horse! The lasso seems too weird for it since it keeps on spinning. I like the new colours!

    I agree with the Enchanted Earth animals being girly. I'm not a girly girl so I'm not too much of a fan on these things but I like anything colourful! I don't think they have to do with elements because all of the animals shown have the same pattern and they're surrounded by butterflies. But who knows? Maybe they can represent elements but that's just my theory.


    1. Im neither a girly girl or a tomboy, so i like the enchanted earth series. x3
      Mainly is because i like pastel colors and simple patterns. Idk. :P

  2. The Enchanted Earth sounds pawsome!

    No update? ;~;


    1. Perhaps the next update, the Enchanted Earth series will come out! :3

  3. I keep getting lasso stuff in Forgotten Desert xD I'm always gonna give up when I get a lasso from two chests, then suddenly it's a spiked wristband from the third o.o LASSO OF TEH GOOD LUCK

    Ooo and I'm in computer at 5:52 in morning 'cause my dad left early >=3 No one knows a thing~

  4. I think Enchanted Earth looks AMAZING! So, um, WHAT ARE THEY? Where did you find that they were plushies, Cloudclaws? Wait... do they mean REAL LIFE PLUSHIES ( like the Epic Plushies that are not selling anymore), or are they in-game plushies? Hmm. Anywho, ( wow blogger does not know the word anywho too!) I kinda like the Lasso, but mostly because it spins around! Also, I gotta question I'm sorry, this IS about a rare-for-rare trade, but I wanna know cuz I am stumped. Is a long green and a short dark purple Rare Wristband a fair trade for a short orange Rare Spike Collar? Thanks, and JAM ON!

  5. Zomg they are totally the butterfly-powered elements!

    Wow, I didn't comment in a long time.


  6. I like the pictures by the way are these animals gonna be released in 2016 or is it a date earlier.


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