Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Croquet Set + Monthly Nonmember

Hai! x3
Well i was originally gonna do a SUPER early post, but then i got caught up in other things  like homework and stuff so now here i am, posting even later than usual. :T
Why school, WHY ;-;
Well anyways, i was thinking about how advertisements cost money. AJ does advertisements. AJ puts everything in the diamond shop. Diamond shop = AJ needs money.
If AJHQ stopped doing ads, then will we get more gem animals? :D
I meeeaan, if AJHQ stopped doing ads for one month then they would save up and they would become rich? Idk.
Sorry that was a weird though, but it just suddenly came into my head. :T
I don't understand why ads cost money. They're just videos to make ppl interested in stuff. lel.
I shud log onto AJ. :3
I hope the item is gud today to make up for that boring recolored rare.
*logs on*

Incorrect password again?! >:U
My password has lots of - oh nu i shud not give any hints out. o_o
*types password again*
*types again*
Incorrect . . *twitch*
*tries again*
Finally! XD
*checks da random shops*
Croquet set?
Hmmm . . . -3-
Nope. Never heard of dis sport anymore. XD
Do you stand behind the square thingy, and then hit the ball with the hammer? Maybe into a hole or something . .  Is dis thing like golf? :T
Golf is an okay game. But all you have to do is stand and aim.
Dat's too boring for me >:U
Im easily bored. XP
Im still surprised that i can get through maths without fainting or something.
(nu offense if you liek maths)
Honestly, why have i never heard of dis game before? I have no idea how it even works. o-o
Maybe if i click the item, it'll turn into an animation! :D 
(chu know how some AJ items are like that?)
*clicks hammer*
*clicks ball*
*clicks other hammer*
*clicks square*
And . . NOPE.
Well im just gunna buy this item then.
*inventory is full*
Well imma just recycle a useless item then. :3
yeeeaaaay it's the bunny how breaks the laws of physics. :D
We haven't seen her in a while, yeh? :T
I wonder if she's gunna break the laws of physics again.
He can change how to croquet looks on command.
Now dat ppl, is just this bunny's daily life. XD
But wait, there's different forms of this?
*checks jam-mart furniture again*
*clicks the change color button*

There's other forms of the croquet as well. :O
Some of them look easier to play than the default one. :3
I think i get the point of this game more. C:
Do chu see that square tunnel-thingy? Im guessing you have to get the ball through the square? yeh . . ? :D
I think these are all part on one great game! :D
Everything makes more sense now. :3
Of course that's why it's called croquet SET. Im so dumb XD
Unfortunately, i can't buy them all cuz my inventory is full.
thx aj

I need 100 more inventory spaces then. >:I
I also need more den spaces. I only have 2 left. Also, pet spaces too. I also have only 2 spaces.

AJHQ needs to give us more spaces >:U
(too much diamond stuff) *cri* ;-;

My posts have been very boring so far. :C
I knoowww but it's just that i have to post so late these days so i don't have enough time! -.-
Just one question though.
Wut is it with all deez sport items? o-o
Well maybe cuz it's summer and in summer ppl play sports. :T
I think autumn and spring are the best seasons to play sport though . . you don't get all sweaty and yucky, and your lungs don't freeze either. C:

Today was a winter morning, but it was hot.

Well moving on, remember the Monthly Nonmember?
Weeelll i haven't done one for 2 months now. o-o
Since i didn't do March's monthly nm, i decided to do it now. :3
April's will be coming soon! C:
March 2015
Springtime Rose
March is here, which means it's time to celebrate springtime! :D
Here are the items you'll need to make this beautiful outfit . . 
Red Head Flower (sold in jam-mart clothing)
Red Woven Shoes
Pink Lei 
Body (main) color

Second color

Sorry if it seems waay too girlish for boys. :I
To make it fair, i'll probably be doing a multi - gender/ male outfit for April's monthly nm! :D
Anyways, here's a brand new Ask Tierny video from AJ! :D
Shud i say the answer? Muahahaaha . .  >:D
Well im just gunna say that Tierny said it depends on the species.
So yah. :T
 I thought all sharks ate like, 1000000000000000000000 calories everyday because EVERY single predator seems to eat a lot. XP
Pandas can eat meat, but they don't liek meat so they are all fussy and eat bamboo only. C:
But honestly, if they ate meat then it would be a better way of getting nutrients. Which is why pandas have to eat bamboo all day cuz bamboo is not rich in nutrients. :T
Pandas: Doing things the complicated way ever since they existed.
Even Graham, the monkey alpha says so.
See dat? Read the highlighted bit. >:U
Liza is a panda and she also does stuff the complicated way. XD
Im posting a lot about Liza these days.
Am i stalking her? o-o
I think i may be stalking her.
Uh oh.
Liza found out im stalking her and she is now creeped out. DX

It was an accident though. I just somehow ended up stalking her. :T
Was i even stalking her?
Liek, did dat count as stalking? o-o
Im not staring at her from her window or something. :T

Liza: dude stahp screenshotting me

So dat's why she's creeped out.
Cuz she doesn't want to be screenshot.
okai  C:
(i will still screen shot her muahaha)
(btw screen shot means to capture a picture but on the computer)
 . . . 
Well before i go i just wanna show you some animal pics. :D

Do you guys like these funny animal pictures? Do you prefer the ones with caption or the ones without? ^-^
To finish the post off, here's the QOTP!
What do you think phantoms are?
Are they a type of animal, or a shadow? What exactly are they? :3

Again, im sorry if my posts haven't been the best lately. DX I will try to do a better post tomorrow!


  1. Phantoms, hmm? Floating spiders :D With one eye whaa .o. They are as annoying as my phone's autocorrect... Phantoms apparently would be Polands o.o


  2. Well, I think phantoms are more then a shadow. A strange creature, that is more of what they are to me. Anyway, yes, croquet IS a game where you hit the ball through the arch things, and yes, it is kinda boring.
    LOL LIZA! Good editing!!!

  3. I like the pics with captions. LOL, THE FOX!!! AND THE DOG!! XD

  4. Phantoms. Well, they're like symbolism. Of shadows, darkness, strong emotions, tears of those strong emotions (like grief, betrayal, sadnesd, desperation). For these emotions to be seen by the eye, they form into spider-like single-eyed dark cloud electric dust clouds. Phantoms are every deceitful thing of society bundled into a creature. Like I said, the entire beginning of Jamaa story is obviously all symbolism. Yes.♡

    1. I mean symbolism to my story's interpretation of what it REALLY means. kk

  5. Hi Cloud long time no see! Love the monthly NM!

  6. I absolutely adore the fire fox one <3

  7. I was wondering wat a croquet set is worth now... XP


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