Friday, 8 May 2015

Posting schedule + new item

Hai! ^o^

Uhh, yeah. My posts haven't been the best these days, have they? :I
I have been sorta falling behind in homework these days just to do a daily post. Well, i do love posting on this blog, but it's just that . . well, school is important too! :c

This weekend, i will probably be able to do more detailed posts unless i go somewhere really far (in that case i might be too tired to post.) Buut, i just wanna warn you that the week after this  . . i might skip some days. So don't freak out or anything if i do skip posting. XP
It usually means im catching up with homework or it's too late to post. Well actually, now is too late to post, but im allowed to stay up late on weekends. :T

I could actually do posts all week. But they will probably be rushed and terrible, and most people here seem to prefer no posts over rushed and boring ones. :I

(also, as you probably guessed, i am doing a post TODAY.) XP

At Jam-Mart furniture, we have . . 
ANOTHER sports item. :I
However, it's a sport that i enjoy . . :D
yaaaaay! I love cycling. ^_^
However, that bike looks terrible . . unsafe. o-o
It looks like the wheels could fall off any second, and you know what that means . . 
You fall down as well. :T
Weeelll uhm, at least it's not a clothing item i guess! :D 
That way you don't ride the bike, and risk avoided! :3
That also means the bike is useless and will rust since it's not being used, and rust is disgusting. :I
Well, it's mostly made of wood. But that means the wood will get all damp, chipped and mossy which is also yucky. XP
UNLESS it's actually plastic but it's painted like wood.
But this looks like wood to me. :T
Wait . . 
Don't you have to cut down trees to make things out of wood? :O
This is it.

Dere is no escape. ;_;

Weelll, at least it's not significant as it is on Earth. 

I just learned that there's a thing called reforestation which is basically the oppisite! :D
Yaaay! :3
It's not as widespread as deforestation . . 
AJHQ, what's da point of making a bicycle if you can't ride it? o-o
At least it's nonmember. Yey. but neither members or nonmembers can't ride this bike.

AJHQ logic again. XD

Well anyways, i forgot to post about the jammer art thingies, so here they are now! :3
Jammer Art: Geckos 
As you probably guessed, the theme is geckos! :P
I think geckos should be AJ's mascot instead of that ladybug. But the ladybug is pretty cute too. <3
I think AJHQ should have two mascots.
The AJR has two mascots. One is snowball the fox, and the main mascot is Burpygecko. :D
Burpygecko is a gecko that burps a lot. XD

Geckos can't change color though. I think that was a chameleon, but AJHQ mistaked it for a gecko. Chameleons are also awesome though. :D
I want to have a pet chameleon or a gecko, but my parents think all lizards are disgusting. :I
Well to some ppl they're disgusting. I guess that's understandable cuz they look slimy, but that doesn't bother me. ^-^
To celebrate geckos, here's a fun fact about them! :D
The only known surface a gecko’s feet can’t stick to is Teflon.
So basically, they can stick to ANYTHING. :O
(except for teflon)
I thought that they couldn't stick to numerous things. Geckos have very sticky feet i guess. :P
(That would feel awkward if the gecko was crawling up your arm . . )
I searched up teflon on wikipedia and it said Polytetrafluoroethylene.

You could have just called it "teflon" -_-
(And that is why i do not use wikipedia for school projects.)
Such complicated names. O_O

Teflon is so smooth to touch though. c:
(no wonder why geckos don't stick lol)

Also, remember the Mini-Challenge . . 
AJR needs your help!
Do you have any ideas for new post segments we could do? Then feel free to comment down your ideas! The best segment ideas will get featured in a poll, and depending on which segement wins, i'll be doing the new post segment after the poll ends! ^_^
You only have 2 days to comment your ideas!

Happy Jamming! :D


  1. Hmm I remember that bicecycle whateveritis.. I'll just call it a bike kay XD It was there when I registered. Dunno x3 AJHQ you bringing stuff back .o.
    Well at least ish nonmemberrrr

  2. Hi cloud claws! I'm new to this blog, and so far it's GREAT! Thx 4 all ur hard work on da web. Please respond to me! If u wanna jam a gram ne, my user is Emprorcanyonsun
    Thank you!

    1. Thx cloud! I have posted a question on ask cloudclaws page, please could you respond? Thank you! :D

  3. Oh, my snow leopard and penguin tried the skates yesterday, it worker xP

    I am trying to do my online math, but like it's on rotational symmetry, which is confusing. WHY TEACHER!? We haven't even learned it!

    I will try the bike, with my penguin


    P.S. Thanks Swirlshine for answering my comment yesterday! :3

  4. Well, I AGAIN have many things to comment on! First off, I agree about the bike. LET US SIT ON THE ACTUAL SEAT AJHQ!!! :b And, if the bike IS made of wood, maybe, instead of cutting down trees in Jamaa, they got it from humans? I know, its a weird idea... anyway, I love the geckos, and the COOL fact about them! I knew they could stick to alot, but WOW! Only ONE THING THEY CAN'T!? So cool! As for the Mini-Challenge, I think you should keep writing legends, because they ROCK! Maybe one about an adventure your animal avatar or pet went on? Whatever you choose to post about, I am sure I will love it!
    P.S. I think we can ALL agree that you have that backwards. We LOVE your posts! ( And when you don't post, I long for the next one!)
    P.P.S. No prob Pengy!!! :D

  5. There is a new hacker wretchedjungle but hes banned
    he hacked wootmoo julian2 and kosho


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