Monday, 11 May 2015

Rare Tutu

Hello! C:
Yeaahhh . . I abandoned Sir Gilbert's story again. -_-
You might not hear much 'bout it for this week, so don't freak out. XP
I haven't forgotten all about it, but i haven't had the chance to actually type out the story cuz . . well, you shud know. :T
ew Monday

*tries to log onto AJ but gets password incorrect)
Im getting my password incorrect a lot these days. Maybe its cuz - 

Im sort of careless about typing passwords correctly these days. :T

Does anyone else every get an "invalid token" warning? Why is it called a token? o-o
AJHQ, chu can be weird sometimes. XD
oopsies i have typed too much. D:
We shud just move onto another topic. Srsly. XP
Today is RIM, isn't it? That either means . . 

1. A terrible, recolored, item sold for the price of 1000000 gems.
Or . . 
2. A generally awesome item which is responsibly sold for an expensive price.
Unfortunately, the first one is usually true. But let's find out! :D
Dats right AJHQ, we totally needed a rare tutu. Dis is such an awesome an useful item!
(sarcasm, by the way.)
*sigh* This rare matches the criteria of the first possibility, however . . 
Wooooooo \o/

*throws rare tutus everywhere*
Celebra - Owe no. Same thing as yesterday. :T
Freaking out over a simple thing about an item. XD
Y do i do that? I mean, srsly . . :P

However, the colors might be interesting, but there's NO way that im paying 750 gems for this. >:C

Nvm, i brought it.
lalalalala *prances in Jamaa township*
im so fanceh
The rare tutu has brainwashed meh.
Join meh and my fancehness.
*throws tutus at everyone*
Wear the tutehs. >:3
*ppl decide to wear tutus and get brainwashed*
*Liza suddenly comes to us*
Liza: lol no
*takes tutus*
omg Liza your so greedy. :T
Liza stahp freaking out over tutus.
You are freaking out so much that your eyeballs are tutus. O_O
Well since those tutus where brainwashing us, then i guess i'll just leave them 2 Liza. :T
(she is gunna get brainwashed lawl)

Liza plz. ;-;
You're just being creepy now.
*runs away*
*runs 4 life*

Hmmm, im getting off topic, aren't i? o_O
Weeelll i haven't had a post featuring the crazy Liza for a while, so whateves. :T
So anyway, no moar crazy and creepy Liza cuz i ran away from her. C:
(wut if she's stalking me omg)
*goes to house*
*makes house stalker proof*
Anyways, onto the rare.
In summary, it is . . 
1. Well colored . . sorta . . 
2. way to expensive
3. ew member rare ew
4. It makes people brainwashed.
5. Liza is even crazier now.
6. Liza stahp it ;-;

So yah. But . . what will it's RATING be? :O

Color: 3/5
Price: 1/5
Creativity: 1/5
A terrible score of 5 out of 15! DAT'S NOT EVEN HALF. -_-
uhmm yeah.

Time for the DE post . . ? O_O
(was dis post 2 random for you?) XP

O it's just a boring RIM post. :T
Rare Item Monday: Rare Tutu 
That's actually a pretty adorable and cute outfit though. :D
2 adorable 4 me
3 adorable 5 me
4 adorable 6 me


Well this this adorable bunny has a butterfly head clip thingy (idk wat they where called) here's an awesome fact about butterflies! :D
Butterfly - Steven Allen/The Image Bank/Getty Images
Butterflies drink from mud puddles.
The reason? Cuz they also need to get minerals and stuffz to live. 
Apparently, mud puddles have minerals in them. XP
Why not though? Cuz rainwater has minerals . . but aren't mud puddles sorta disgusting? o-o
I would prefer normal puddles. Or perhaps they drink from normal puddles AND mud puddles.

ooohhh this post is about fanceh stuff. o-o
(butterflies are fanceh)
I liek butterflies. I once took a spirit animal test and i got a butterfly. Idk. XP
I found a picture of butterflies drinking mud water. The behavior is called "puddling" ^-^
Ew. So by mud puddles, they actually means MUD puddles.
Ew. O_O
I don't know how butterflies manage to drink out of that without vomiting or something. blerghh.

Well anyways, today i decided to do a new design for the blog. I guess it's okay, but idk if it's actually good for a permanent design . . Well actually, no design is permanent, but im just saying it as a long-term design. idk.
Sorry, no text because it's a preview.
What do you think so far though? I don't really like how the tabs look, im a little hesitant because of that. So today's QOTP . . 
What do you think of the design?
Should i apply it to the blog, or is the current design fine? :3

Sorry if today's post wasn't that interesting. >-< 
Bye! c:


  1. I'm thinking since you called this blog "Animal Jam River" Then You should have a River. Maybe the river in Jamaa township or the river in the sky den. Maybe a waterfall!

  2. lnfinityhorse AJ11 May 2015 at 10:54

    Hey guys..? Please, please, please report pinkfashion106. She scammed me out of a blue long wristband. Oh, yes and you don't have to gift me unless you want to, someone already traded me their wrist.

    PS. My username is lnfinityhorse but the first i in lnfinity is actully a lower case L.

    PSS. Jam on!

  3. Wow! Butterflies are really gross! I can't believe I just let one walk all over me, after it was RAINING! and for a while! I am so disgusted. Any way, I am logging on into animal jam, and I got the password wrong like a THOUSAND times until a thing popped up saying 'wrong token' or whatever, and then I decided to go check out your blog, and wow, were talking about this? Totally epic.

    No, I don't think use should use the thing. I don't really like it. I was wondering though, how did you create your background? I like your blog how it is. It is super creative and paw-some Thanks for teaching me how to make a header, I got a really cute one coming up. Thank you! I love your blog C.C! Also here is a cute bunny I figured out to make! I honestly have no idea if this was already created or not, it probably is. Here it is. It is my blogs mascot. I really like Burpygecko. Here is my little bunny. Isn't he/she cute?


  4. I think the normal header you have right now is perfect! But then again, I don't really care, because they BOTH rock! Anyway...
    1. That's a really weird fact about butterflies
    2. I KINDA like the Rare Tutu, but I think they should do, maybe... OH! How about a Rare LAVA GLOVE?! Or a RUG?... or something...? I'm out of ideas.
    3. Wut up wiwth u Liza, y u so cray cray fo Tutuz!? Lizaa so creepehh <-> o3o

  5. Ravens drink from le mud puddles too D: Ewwww
    I has never liked dem tutus .o. AJHQ shall think about boys sometime, too xD

  6. Oh yeah... I never thought of that... AJHQ SHOULD make items for GIRLS and BOYS!!!

  7. NUU! Keep this header design thingie! I liek it. ;) Ok, so, have you heard of the movie unfriended? Its a horror movie about 4 teens online. And they come across a dude who makes them admit their darkest secret and crap. :P Ok, well, just sup and stuffz. Hey cloud, tomorrow is me and my twin bros birth day! My twin bro is Teen wolf by the way. So, please come! It's going to be at my den, because Teen wolf became a nonmember. And if you see a boy animal in my animals list, then that's because T.W plays on my aj sometimes. :D Ok, well, plz come! Oh, and be sure to dress up nice, the theme is formal/dressy. Oh, and if you can, bring a gift for me and my bro. (Only if you want to!) Ok, well, the party is on 5/14/15.Or it can be on 5/15/15. Ok, bye! P.S, You have to jamagram me before coming, just to let me know. Ok, imanepicgal signing out.

  8. Hey folks! How are you all ? I am fine! I am afraid I do not have an AJ acount but, for those who like reading I have a blog about books. It is called

    Hope you read it!

  9. Oh I almost forgot The author of this blog is amazing!


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