Thursday, 9 April 2015

It's a flag

Hai. XP
*FINALLY! A post that isn't super late!*

Yeeahh. :I
Srry 'bout da late posts.
But yesterday, remember the raffle?
Well, the secret number shall be revealed! :O
. . . .
Are chu ready?
. . . 
You sure?
. . . 
Reaaally sure?
. . . 
It's . . . 135! :D
Which makes Catbug1012 the winner. Gud job. c:
*gives virtual chocolate or whatever else you want*

I made a random secret number overly dramatic. *applauds sarcastically*
Dat awkward moment in real life when people take your sarcasm seriously. XD
(dun feel bad. I sometimes think sarcasm is serious too XP)
Anyways, let's check out the new item! :3
It's a flag.
What sort of flag is it?
. . . I guess it's just a flag. :P
It looks cool and awkward at the same time.
Owning a flag is normal, but WEARING a flag is pure awesome. :D
Yus, i know it's a rare flag. But the rare flag as better colors. Deal with it B)
[ Omg that emote though . . XD ]
Just noticed the symbol on the flag. What does it mean? It represents a  . . thingy . . aiming thingy? What do they call those? o-o

It also represents a target, somehow.
The flag either represents the shop target, or it makes no sense at all. :P
It also has eagle feathers.
Hmm . . 
Nope. This flag represents nothing. XD
As the name says, it's a FLAG!
Wait. See that smaller dot? Maybe they could represent eyes, but one eye is aiming at something. I dunno. But that makes most sense. :3
Wait, eagles are birds of prey, right? 
So it represents a hunting eagle?
That actually sorta makes sense! :O
I can't believe i figured something out without maths. X3
[ It's like you have to use maths to figure out anything . . PROVEN FALSE! >:3 ]
Because honey tastes yummy. :3
Wait. Did this eagle just land on the SKY?!

But the owl DIDN'T miss. :3
Just . . just use comic sans. :I

*Introducing . . The owl who uses fonts everyone hates!*

[ Or maybe you like these. But a majority of ppl still don't like it. ] 

Comic sans is actually okay. But it's annoying how people use it inappropriately. 

Wowz. :O
I am surprised at myself. XP

The new poll has officially reached 100 votes. These are the results. :P
Pancakes win?
I was not expecting that, since i thought people likes waffles better. XP
Either that, or the audience of the blog just likes pancakes better. :3
Waffles are so sweet, but pancakes are so soft. <3

. . . Or can i?
I actually have a favorite. But i won't tell you. >:3
I don't actually have a waffle machine. ;-;
I have only eating a waffle 5 times. But they are DELICIOUS! :D
But pancakes . . i love them cuz they're plain.
People say "yuck" when i tell them i like pancakes plain.
Both are great. They are amazing. x3
Someone should attempt to make a waffle and pancake together. :D
News Crew Crystal Sands 
Again, another news crew contest i had no idea about. :T
Anyone else notice that Duke Cleverbrave looks sorta like my arctic wolf? :P

Crystal sands is awesome, but im concerned about the chlorine.
The new crystal sands is so plastic, what if there's chlorine is the water rushing down the slides? :c
Wait, nevermind.
The water comes from the mountains. XD
(i checked.)
No i really checked.

How does crystal sands lead to Mt. shiveer? Maybe some secret underground tunnel? Maybe there's a secret village full of bunnies in those tunnels? :O
AJHQ needs to make another village other than Jamaa Township. Like "sarepia village" or Mt. Shiveer village"
That would be cool, cuz then jammers can have homes in a lot of places. :3
(They already do . . remember the fantasy castle? But it would be nice if AJHQ actually showed those villages/towns. :3
Do you think there's any CITIES in Jamaa? I doubt it. It's not as high-tech as Earth.

Those are so high-tech that it makes you wonder: How can a place like Jamaa make these?!

I have said this a million times, but i have lost all hope in Animal Jam's logic.
I never actually said that. XD
[ i said something similar though lol. u know wat that is ]
"Animal jam doesn't make sense."

Anyways, i don't have any more time to the end the post, here's a True or False challenge! :3
(miss those? XP)
True or false?
Owls are not intelligent.

Bye for now! :3


  1. lnfinityhorse AJ9 April 2015 at 09:05


    And ONLY having waffles 5 times.... YOU ARE DEPRIVED OF THE WAFFLNESS :3

  2. I like waffles .o.
    I'm eating chocolate chip cookies right nao tho :3 My father bought meh a whole pack, 8 cookies x3

    Ish happeh

  3. YAY I WON :D also i think thats false. And waffles are great :3

  4. FALSE! Owls are VERY smart! WIN WAFFLES WIIIIIN! Duke's entry is pretty cool, and thank you, once again Cloudclaws, for another pawsome post!

  5. Erm... I'm pretty sure it's false... That saying "wise owl". 0.0

    lawl o3o

    PS: For some weird reason, I feel like my weird/awkwardness (I mean Cutepuppiness sweg 8D) is influential and makes the weird/awkwardness spread to others. c; eheheheheheheheheh

  6. In my opinion, pancakes are better (even though I've never tried waffles before XD)

  7. This is my news crew thing for deep blue

    Hey Pawsome Jammers! Blossom SpookyClaw here! So im here to review the DEEP BLUE!!

    The DEEP BLUE is a Wonderful Ocean land where you can Buy Pet Anglerfish,ocean dens and Ocean SHAMAN statues!!! The Game Phantoms treasure is a GREAT way to earn GEMS!!

    Ocean Dens are for Members AND Non-Members so EVERONE can have a Pawsome time underwater!!!!!

    Pet Anglerfish are cute pets so buy one NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Phantoms treasure is a pretty Easy I-SPY game where you can choose the game board! There is Hidden Reef AND Sunken Ship!!!! It's a great and fun way to earn GEMS so get playing PAWSOME Jammers!!

    Well sadly that concludes my REVIEW of the DEEP BLUE, SO Farewell PAWSOME Jammers!!!

  8. owls aren't smart...even ravens are smarter

  9. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...................PLAIN PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUUUUUUUM!Q!!!!!!

  10. And Owls are wevvy Intelligent.

    P.S.Good job on spelling "inappropriate" correctly@!@!!!!!


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