Friday, 17 April 2015

Horn Helmet

Hai. C:
Guess what i did today?
Nothing happened today. Usually i do stuff when im not outside or anything, but today i basically did nothing. :I

So, I rate today the most boring day of my life.
I might seem more hyper than usual, cuz IM SO BOREDDDDD >.<
(i promise to never ever do nothing again)


Yesterday's item was the investigators hat. But in update posts, i don't post about the new items or other normal post stuff, so basically update posts are speshul posts. :D
(also dats just how i like it)
I realized i accidentally put my headdress on trade.
(So THAT'S why so many ppl are asking "wut for headdress")
huehehe wat.
But i wonder what TODAY'S new item is tho C:
(Im hungry but it's too late to eat stuff )
I smell french fries . . 
*shakes head*

Eh. I don't think im that hyper anymore. :T
Is the horn helmet beta or not? I don't think so, but it LOOKS beta, somehow . . i don't know why but some items just look beta even though they aren't. :P

Well, just realized the red on the tips of the horn look sorta like blood. o_o
And AJHQ decides to remove the TOMATO RED paint splatters *Facepaw*
(If AJHQ is reading this, then just change the tips of the horns to black or something.)
I doubt AJHQ is reading this though XP
They probz read the more famous blogs.
Or maybe AJHQ is stalking dis blog right now O_O

Umm is blood even a liquid? It has plasma which is liquid but it also has cells in it and cells are not liquid and- okay im getting carried away now X3
But srsly.. Is blood a liquid . . or not? Ya? Nu? Sorta?
Um for now im just gonna say blood is 55% liquid and the other half is . . stuff. XP
(lots of stuff)

It's probably weird that im talking about blood. o-o
I hope this isn't disturbing. o-o
(if it is remember that we are talking about blood that is inside your body which is gud and not disturbing)

This item is very plain.
There's nothing unique about it.
But it's still a nice item. o3o
*stares at the red tips of the horns*
But now that i noticed, I CANNOT UNSEE IT DX
(that annoying moment when you can't unsee something)
Oh no, now the ppl who read this blog can't unsee this. :C
(or maybe they saw it before idk lol)

This post is boring, ain't it? c:
Or maybe in your opinion, it isn't boring.
I don't know. :P

Anyway's here's the DE post! :D
Today we have some awesome Jammer Snaps. x3
Jammer Snaps: Pet Collections  
Gud job to . . 

Pouncing Peachpuppy
Rosy Thewolf
Mythical Strongwolf
Expert Sunnyfox
Commander Arcticwolf
Daredevil Coolspirit
Chief Spiritstone
Enchanted Fierystar 

P.S I copied off the Daily Explorer. XD
The subject was pet collections.
I have lots of pets.
My pet slots are nearly full. o-o
The spring themed one is awesome though. :D
Cherry blossom trees are my favorite trees so far. Or maybe pine trees are my favorite. I don't really know. :P
I also like palm trees. Also, redwood trees. They're so tall o-o
I have a lot of favorite trees. Mainly cuz i like trees. Cuz they look so pretty and awesome. x3
(also they give us oxygen and stuff soo yah)

I also like the one where the pets are sliding down water slides. They look like they're having lots of fun. :D
(Not really.)
They don't really have any expressions. o-o
But let's just assume they're having fun. C:
Bc water slides = FUN!

You know what else is fun?
Adorable animal GIFs! :D

Lastly, here's the QOTP!
What's our favorite food?
Yup, another very simple question. XD
Bye for now!


  1. No, you are wrong. I'm stalking your blog right now! >:D

    Den bloody horns and gifs tho

  2. I have a picture of a Spring Bunny!

    It's from LilacPetal's video x3
    I think they're quite pretty with those flowers around them and the base color can be changed :3 I want a clear one without them items though x3

  3. Where ish everyone *Looks around* .o.

  4. LOL! I LOVE those GIFS! The owl... XD! : Owl stares at Angry Bird toy: It lookin' at meh... Y IS DA RED THING STARING AT MEH!!??
    Okay... that was random... anywho...
    My favorite food is DEFINITLY...
    Or wait, maybe Cookies and Cream ice cream!
    Or MAAYBE...
    BOTH ICE CREAM AND CAKE ROLLS MIXED TOGETHA!! Yeaahh, that's my favorite! Heheh!
    If you havn't tried swiss cake rolls, GO AND TRY DEM RIGHT NOWW! LOL!

  5. Mine is *drumroll* can you stand the suspense?! It is...........,.............

    IT IS........

    ICE CREAMISH STUFFS!!!!!������������������������������������������(○'ω'○)(○'ω'○)

  6. Replies
    1. just because its in stores doesnt mean its not beta.. so it is beta! :)


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