Thursday, 23 April 2015

Random stuff and new item

Hai guys! :D
Guess what?
I thought it was today.
//sobs ;-;

I thought 2nd of April was april fools and now this with Earth day.
Am i cursed? o-o

I wanted to celebrate Earth day 2 help the earth and stuffz.
Wait, Earth is not impressed.
I agree. Why not Earth YEAR? Why isn't everyday earth day? D:
Im not saying live without the internet, but just use it 1 hour a day or something, same with other stuffz. Then everyone would b happy. :3

And yes, i drew that. Im so talented, aren't i? :D

Hehehe yeah. I pretty much suck at drawing. :T
(that derpy sun in the background though)

Well anyways, i sorta changed the header.
I added . . 
Two bunnies
A pet fox playing with a pet bunny
A helicopter bunny
And a different Gecko. (Burpygecko, if you remember. XP)
Burpygecko is our new blog mascot now.
Say hai to Burpygecko. :D
(If you want to say hi, look at the blog header.)
(If you don't know what a blog header is, it's the big picture on the top of the blog that says "Animal Jam River")
But anyways, let's log onto AJ! :3
*logging on*
*Five mins later*
I got this random message thingy. XP
Put on ur silliest hat and go 2 club geoz.
Well okai. 
. .  

uhh guys i don't think i have a silly hat. O_O
Ahh nevermind. I found my frying pan hat. X3
People are actually there. O_O
People never go to club geoz.
Poor club geoz. All lonely and abandoned. :C
I look so creepy in this picture. Like im about to murder someone.
hurhurhur >:D
I will whack yer head with a frying pan.
Not really. XP

I have this new obsession with muffins. C:
They're better than cupcakes.
*people start attacking me screaming "CUPCAKES ARE BETTER"*

*Pretends to agree*
*Whispers* "Muffins 4 life . . heheheh . . "

Sorry guys. This post started off more random than usual. XD
Well to get on-track again, let's check out the new item! Yaay! :P
Oooohh bean bag toss. I love bean bags. They're very squishy. x3
Why is the picture on the wooden board a tree? If you threw a beanbag up a tree IRL it would get stuck. XP
Well it MIGHT get stuck . . it's small so it probably won't. But throwing a beanbag up a tree is a bad idea, because then it would get disgusting tree stuff on it. Not sure that that stuff is. o-o
I think trees are disgusting but also beautiful and majestic. x3
Trees THEMSELVES are beautiful and majestic, but it's just the fact that they're covered in bird poop and millions of bugs make their homes in trees. so umm yeahh.

 Just cuz they can't talk or see doesn't mean they have no feelings :C
 I just like trees. :3
But i don't hug them. Because of the bird poop and the creepy crawlies .  . XD
Also some trees have rough barks when scratch your skin. >_<
Also i just don't like hugging trees, soo yah . . 
Ummm . . liek, why am i talking about trees? o-o
I should be talking about beanbags . . 
. . 
They're squishy?
I also like beanbags. But the ones at my school are dirty. :T
Whenever i play with beanbags, i just throw them up and then catch them. It's strangely entertaining. X3
I thought beanbag toss was when there are two hoops and two groups and each group steals from each other. The one who gets the most beanbags wins.
Idk. That's what we call it. :P
The beanbag toss we play is super fun. :D
(Way more fun than just throwing it up and catching them, although that's also fun.)
Well anyways, here's the DE post! :3
Another new crew post. ^-^
News Crew: Deep Blue 
Fairy Sunnybuddy here! I want to tell you ALL about Deep Blue! So keep on reading!
Deep Blue is a really cool place to swim and dive with yours buddies or with other jammers! One of my friend says Deep Blue is the best place to play HIDE AND SEEK with your friends! Its absolutely true! Here is a helpful hint, the large stones can help you to hide behind them!
When you finish playing hide and seek! That brings me to my other friends point! She says the Deep Blue water is so thriling! It can be also fun, too! You can swin and dive with your friends all day in Deep Blue just thrilling to be in? It’s also fun too!
When you finish diving and swimming in the water, you can stop by Marine Marvels from where you can get a really cool statues for yours den and you can also get a really cool underwater dens from Den Shop! You can also play Phantoms treasure game to relax yourself! The deep blue also has some mysterious music! Party in the Deep Blue! WOOHOO!
So did my friends and I persuade you to go to Deep Blue? Well we hope we did. Deep Blue is an amazing place! Dont forget to complete urs Deep Blue Journey Book to get yours AMAZING prize! Remember, STAY SAFE AND JAM ON IN JAMAA! Fairy Sunnybuddy, OUT

That's a pretty good article, although there was one tpyo.
But i shouldn't point that out cuz i make typos all the time. XP
Like the sentence above. lel.
Im 2 lazy to change it . . 
Playing hide and seek is fun when you're in Deep Blue. :D
Unfortunately, i am out of time for today, but before going, i would like to say the answer  to yesterday's true or false question . . 
It's pretty crazy, i know. X3
And lastly, today's QOTP . . 
Which one is better, Muffins or cupcakes?
Yet another food poll thingy. XP
We already have dat epic battle going on with waffles and pancakes. lel.
Pancakes seemed to be winning last time i checked. idk. o-o
Pancakes and waffles are both awesome. :D
I like eating waffles for lunchtime though, and pancakes for breakfast! :3
Well anyway, bye for now! Sorry if today's post was too random for you . . i was feeling random today. :T


  1. Lol this is my first time commenting on the blog im also first commentor lol
    i love dis post xD and yas earth is not impressed >:U lol sorry for bad grahmmer im typing on a phone i hope there wadnt many spelling mistakes either

    1. Welcome to the world of commenting on the Animal Jam River! ;3

  2. I dun know the difference between muffins and cupcakes.. Sorreh

    I like cookies though

    1. Cupcakes are like the same thing as muffins, but cupcakes have icing (frosting) on top. I like cupcakes more. :P

    2. And cupcakes usually have not fruit in them otherwise they're just muffins in disguise. XP

  3. Muffins. Why? Cuz cupcakes r just muffins in clown makeup.

    1. My cupcake is now a clown. What? Since when did you lie to me, cupcakes! Now I have this picture of a creepy clown face on top of where icing is on a cupcake, stuck in my head. It's creepy that clown cupcake! ;o;


  4. muffins and whenever u talk about trees i start staring at ur blog background

  5. Aww I love the drawing! I fee, l like I've abandoned this blog:(



  7. LOL Cloudclaws! This post WAS random, but aren't ALL your posts like that? It is in a GOOD way though, a FUNNY way! Your earth drawing is actually REALLY GOOD! And, MUFFINS MUFFINS!! YAY FOR MUFFINS! I actually DON'T KNOW if muffins or cupcakes are better. I like dem both! Muffins are YUMMEH, but cupcakes have frosting...

    Fine okay, I say supcakes then. WAIT OMG LOL DID I JUST SAY SUPCAKES???!! LOL! I MEAN CUPCAKES! CUP!! Me and my typos! :D


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