Friday, 25 April 2014

Winged Shoes

Hiya jammers! ^.^
It seems like there are a lot of shoes in Jam-Mart clothing these days, and one of the new items today just happens to be shoes. :P
The awesome Winged Shoes! :D
It would have also been cool if they where ice skating shoes to slide on the ice at the icy peaks of Mt. Shiveer. :3
Which reminds me, why do animals even need shoes? o-o
But eh, i guess AJHQ makes them to help make outfits and stuff.
Speaking of outfits, here's a cool outfit i made with today's item. ^.^
Ah, yes. Mech angel wings, mech helmet and Winged Shoes make a great combination because they all have..
I <3 feathers.
Meanwhile, here's the DE post.

Keep on dreaming, because eventually giraffes will come.
Which they have. :P
Congrats to whoever wrote that.. very interesting. :D
To wrap things up, here's a random video of me playing Disc Toss. o_o
Meh. Veryy random, you don't have to watch it.
That's all for today jammers, and be sure to enter my contest! ^-^


  1. 1st comment! yay! i love your blog cloudclaws! please can you answer my question in the ask cloudclaws section! thanks theseyo

  2. Nice video! I would watch it all day if could. ^.^ I like the winged shoes, too.

  3. I reaaaaaly need to start comenting >.< guess im worrying to much about my blog :I


  4. The winged shoes reminds me of the sandals in the Bible for some reason!
    It would be cool if they were Freedom shoes ^w^. Then they'd go PURRFECT with the Freedom Helmet and Wings! I wonder why there was never anything called the "Freedom Armor". Wouldn't that be nice?

    I had the WORST dream ever last night! I'm glad it wasn't real. My brother just got a samsung galaxy s4, and he was walking around town with my Dad. When I came up, and tapped my Dad's shoulder to ask for one too, he acted like I wasn't THERE! Yeah that's pretty typical. :3

    YOU ARE SOOO AMAZING AT DISC TOSS! I can't do better then that. :)
    So close to 100 discs! Your dog is highly well trained. XD
    Glad he found an owner!



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