Saturday, 26 April 2014

Big Mysteries: Where do the Shamans and Alphas live?

We all know that the Alphas and Shamans had helped defend Jamaa in the Phantom Wars, right?
But before i begin, let me tell you the difference between a Shaman and an Alpha.
Alphas are the main shamans, so they can also lead all animals.
Shaman's only lead their own type, and aren't seen in Jamaa much.
So the main subject is, where do the Shamans and Alphas live?
 Now, most jammers usually notice that there are tons of places that  the Alphas could have lived, and the most noticeable one is the Seal Save in Mt. Shiveer
Now this cave has been hanging around in Jamaa for ages, but what exactly is it?
Many say that the seal hints that only seals can break the ice, that might be true, but it also looks like the perfect place for a Seal Shaman to make her den. ^-^
However, there's also another cave in Mt. Shiveer that is not as noticeable  ..
Hmm ... Maybe it's where Marco, the penguin Shaman lives, but it also looks like a shortcut to somewhere. Perhaps even an Arctic Wolf shaman or a Snow Leopard one might have lived here. :3
Speaking of wolves, there's a cave in Coral Canyons that many of you have probably seen..
 If you look closely, you can see a carving of a wolf similar to Greely. :o
So perhaps this is where Greely lives, and that is a door that only he can unlock?
Moving on.. there's a huge elephant statue in the Temple of Zios:

Do you think that the building below could be where Otto, the elephant Shaman lived or
does this mean that the elephants claimed the land long ago?
So.. what do you think about these? ^.^


  1. I'll have to put in my opinion later, because I have piano lessons to go to.
    But today's post was pretty cool and interesting, Clouds! :3


  2. U frgt the Liza hut in the north of jamaasian township plus the tiger cave from beta crystal sands...

  3. And also the monkey print curtain near the Brady lab and chamber de knowledge plus there's a deer print in the canyon pathway north area there are so many animal claimed area. No diamond shop animals dont have a shaman for the reasons... They are not natural, maybe belive that they r made by diamonds.... Maybe this is my part of the lore and i made it and its unofficial and it's not even published in with the jamma lore lol

  4. AJHQ has a lot of strange openings and things that are probably meant so they can open stores or other places there at some point. Then again, we're running out of space on the map so it may mean that they could eventually lead to new lands.

  5. the answer to the cave in mt shiveer (The upper one not the seal 1) is that go to Appondale, see that lil' entrance to the upper of the Museum? Well, look at the map. ITS A NEW LAND! It must be linked with Mt. shiveer too, right? That's my theotry (How in the world is it spelled) so bye Cloudclaws/ jammer(s)


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